Ice cream

What Foods you must Avoid at Night?

Now for a majority of people especially the night owls, snacking onto some nighttime nosh can be one their most favourite things to do. But one must be very careful while choosing what they eat at night. Although it is always considered wise not to indulge into late night dining if you make sure that you are not committing one of those mistakes that we are going to mention here below –

Ice cream

Ice creams are on the top priority for people who like snack onto something at night. It is one of the most pleasant and relishing of them all. But you should consider changing your thoughts about it. Ice creams are generally loaded with fat, also all of that sugar that you intake may pump up your energy right before you were going to sleep. Now the thing is these things will send confusing messages to your body clock thus disturbing your entire system.  So it is highly recommended to stay away from ice creams at night.


Now often people things that since celery is considered to be healthy, it is totally fine to consume them at night.  But people forget to pay attention to the fact that celery is a natural diuretic thus it elevates the urination rate. This will tend to make you pee more than which is usual. So the best thing to do is to avoid celery at night to have a sound uninterrupted sleep.


This is considered to be the all time favourite of people belonging to any generation. And in recent times, having pizza at night as a snack has become the new ‘cool’. Now pizza isn’t at all a light meal. So it is quite understood that your tummy has to do a lot of work to digest it while all your other body part are resting. All of this may result in an imbalance in your body system. Also the layer of tomato sauce that makes your pizza so savory will only increase the level of acidity in your body. Infact the high fat meats and cheese may give you heartburn and that surely is not something that you would want to have as a wakeup call. So wake up before it’s too late and ditch those high fat pizzas at night.


One of the most favourite dishes among the youth is pasts and people simply love to have it at night. Now pasts have straight carbohydrate. But when you go to sleep right after eating it, all of those turn into fat. And to top it all the extras cheese, oil, tomato sauces and the heavy creams that you add to it, makes things worse.  It plays with your blood sugar level, thus results into delayed sleep and will keep your awake at night.


Thus no matter how appetizing these may look to you at night, do not ever give into it.  Having a good health and a fit body is one of the most important assets that you can have so embrace it and avoid easting the above mentioned foods at night.