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7 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Fitness Inspiration

How many hours do we all spend mindlessly scrolling through pictures of cute dogs, sunsets and selfies on Instagram? While there is nothing wrong with a little scrolling, why not follow something useful? There are thousands of trainers and athletes who regularly post their workout routines and diets. So, while you are resting on your bean bag finishing the bag of chips, you can swipe and introduce yourself to the world of fitness. Maybe that will give you the extra push you need to move from the bean bag to a yoga mat.

Start with these 7 fitness inspiration accounts and we are sure that you will discover many fitness enthusiasts down the road.

  1. Burn this

This community has thousands of gym-goers who enjoy sharing their post-run selfies and encouraging quotes. For maximum fitness inspiration, you can follow these fitness fanatics as they post a positive and motivating message from members of the online community, every day. This fitness community will expand your reach of fitness inspiration and will keep you motivated all along. With burn this, we promise you that you will get the summer body you have always dreamt of.

  1. Kathryn Budig

Kathryn Budig who is a yogi, writer and an Under Armour athlete has been named as one of the 100 most influential people in health and fitness. Apart from posting regular photos of her cool poses and adorable dogs, she shares recipes of healthy and delicious food on her food blog. Her cool yoga poses will inspire you to stretch a little every day. Gain a little fitness inspiration from her feed and move your lazy ass from the couch to the mat.

  1. Adam Rosante

Are you still telling yourself that you don’t have enough time and that you are too busy to work out? If you follow Adam, you will get rid of that excuse, because no matter how busy you are, we all have 30 seconds to spare. With Adam’s “The 30-second body” he will make you work. His insanely easy moves and simple but helpful tips are all you need to get moving. So stop giving excuses about how you don’t have enough time and start working out.

  1. Jeanette Jenkins

With videos of simple exercises and routines that you can do in the comfort of your home without any equipment, you can’t use the excuse that you don’t have a gym anymore. With A-list clients like Alicia Keys and Serena Williams, Jeanette knows how to get the best results. She regularly posts strength and cardio workouts that require no equipment. With her simple nutrition tips that help you stay on track, you will keep coming to her for the extra motivation.

  1. Jay Cardiello

What is better than a celebrity trainer who provides daily “Fit Tips” that will help you feel fitter and healthier through small lifestyle changes? His daily tips will not only give you enough motivation, but are super easy to incorporate in your busy work life. Jay, who is responsible for rapper 50 Cent’s strong body, will guide you along your fitness journey.

  1. Dorothy Beal

This super fit mom makes sure to run for 11 miles every day before having her breakfast. The 29-time marathoner will motivate you to run for at least 3 miles in one day, with her #irunthisbody campaign. With her fun race photos and popular hashtags on Instagram, we promise you that you will get hooked to her page.

  1. Jessi Kneeland

For some strength training inspiration, Jessi Kneeland with her mission for saving women from negative body image, should be your go-to account. This strength coach and fitness blogger shares pictures of her strong physique and impressive PRs in the weight room. Her posts are full of positive thoughts that will help you to appreciate your own body. Her well thought and written, totally relatable posts will motivate you.

What are you waiting for? Go get that motivation you need and remember to stop scrolling on Instagram and actually get up and work.