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Reliability in Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

Prenatal testing has come a long way in the past 100 years. Women are now able to have ultrasounds and other forms of testing that allow them to know exactly how many babies they’re having, what the sex of the baby is, and other potential health risks to the fetus. However, it’s common to hear stories about women who gave birth to twins despite an ultrasound showing a single baby, or about women who gave birth to a boy after being told she was having a girl. These surprises are reminders that there are instances in which modern prenatal technologies can fail to accurately capture a pregnancy. So, what does this mean for relatively new developments in non-invasive prenatal testing? How reliable are they?

What is Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) is a simple blood test that can be performed as early as nine weeks into a pregnancy. The results of this test give the parents valuable information about the risks that their child could be born with a genetic disorder. These tests use DNA from the fetus found circulating in the mother’s blood to check for markers indicating a variety of genetic conditions like cystic fibrosis, Down syndrome, and open neural tube defects.

How Accurate is NIPT?

This form of testing is able to provide a high degree of accuracy– usually around 85% depending on the circumstances of the test (timing, etc.). Researchers have also learned that NIPT can actually be more accurate than other forms of prenatal testing for Down syndrome.

Many doctors are now recommending this kind of testing to their patients during initial prenatal visits because of its demonstrated success at detecting risks. However, one very important thing to note about non-invasive prenatal testing is that it is not definitive proof that a child will be born with a particular genetic condition. Other more-invasive forms of diagnostic testing are necessary to know for certain whether a baby has a particular genetic disorder, but these can also come with an increased risk to the unborn child.

What if My Results Are Positive, Negative, or Inconclusive?

Receiving a positive result from a non-invasive prenatal screening test can indicate that your child is at risk of being born with a genetic disorder. Your doctor will receive the results and share them with you. If you were to receive a positive or inconclusive result from an NIPT, they will likely refer you to a genetic counselor to discuss additional testing options and further diagnostic testing. A negative result from an NIPT likely means that your child is at low risk of being born with a genetic condition, and that you can continue with your pregnancy as indicated by your doctor.

Who Can I Speak to For More Information?

If you have any questions about NIPT, your results, or other kinds of DNA testing, it’s best to speak with a genetic counselor. They are able to provide guidance and support for anyone considering NIPT and those who have already begun the process.

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Skin Care

6 Daily Habits of Better Looking Skin

There are some people whose skin always tends to look clean and simply flawless. Now although some people who are just born with such a perfect skin, there is still a series of good habits that help them in maintaining the glow and flawlessness of their skin.

Now is a list of 6 daily habits that will help you in having a better looking skin that you must follow!

  • Drinking enough water

Drinking enough of water will help you stay hydrated. And the benefits of it will reflect on your skin. By hydrating you skin you can keep it moisturized for a longer time a make it less vulnerable to the drying. If your skin is dehydrated, it make your skin look dull, flaky, uneven skin tone, and will be more prone to dirt and oil seeping right through your pores. But if you drink enough water all of these problems vanish away.

  • Workout on a regular basis  

This is the best way to naturally detoxify your skin. By working out you sweat a lot. This way you pores open up and release the toxins and cleanse your skin. Also do not forget to wash your face once you are done with your workout. A shower will do wonders but is not necessary. Also it not only brings a glow on your skin but also helps in improving your body metabolism.

  • Maintain a habit of healthy eating

In this fast forward life, where everyone is one the go, somewhere amidst all the hustling people don’t realizes the importance of healthy eating and keep snacking on to unhealthy junk foods. This may adversely affect your skin your skin may look dull and faded.

  • Regularly cleanse your skin

This great way to keep your skin healthy.  When you keep your skin clean on a regular basis and follow a proper routine for morning or night both (depending on the availability of your time) will be quite beneficial to your skin. But be careful that while cleaning your skin you so not strip your skin out from its natural oil. Having excess oil in your skin may case breakout. Look out or cleansers that are gentles and not too harsh on your skin.

  • Keep those things clean that come in your regular contact of your skin

Thinks like make up product, your own mobile phones etc are constant in touch with your skin. Therefore it is necessary to regularly clean these things so that the dusts from theses do not come in contact of your skin.

  • Take time to relax

Stress is one of the biggest threats to your skin. It may cause blemishes and breakouts. Also it may bring dullness to your skin. The best way to avoid it is to relax your mind, body and soul by various methods like mediation; yoga etc. exercise is again a good way to relax you. This way your skin will look healthier and will have its inner glow.


Thus by adopting theses simple measures you can keep your skin dirt free so that it looks healthy and glowing.

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Skin Care

Know When and Why you Need to Throw Away your Cosmetics

Cosmetics are the ultimate love for most of the women and you can’t deny it. It adds that extra edge to your whole look and oomph up your whole confidence to a whole new level. They help in beatifying once appearance and help you look more presentable and attractive. Be it your sleepy face or a puffy, by applying the right kind of cosmetic you can look presentable in no time and rock that party or your office looks. But what is more beneficial about these cosmetics is that they don’t just make you look more beautiful, but also help in protecting your skin.  There are several reasons why your skin can get damaged and cosmetics have got them covered it all.  They help you in preventing wrinkles, dirt from the outside, fight against pimples and acne and also help protect it from the ultraviolet rays. Thus making your skin look younger and glowing.

Now since cosmetics come with so many benefits, one must be aware of the fact that they don’t last forever.  They all come with expiration dates and must be thrown away as per the instruction that come written on your cosmetics.  Even though some cosmetics may last longer than the other, but one or the other day, you have to get rid of them.

How long can the cosmetics are kept?

This is a very important question to be asked. Now the answer of this question lies more on the brand of the product that is being used which comes with their own set of instructions. But there are a few products like the primer, eye shadow, foundation, blush etc used be used for maximum two years from the day they are in use. Then the lipsticks can be used for one year and not more than that.

Although this question is more answerable depending on the brand of the cosmetics that is being used. Most beauty products come with labels on which their expiration dates are mentioned that is for how long they will last. And for those products which are related to the eye makeup like the liquid eyeliner or mascara should be replaced after every three month.

Why should you throw away your cosmetics after a certain period of time?

The fact that all of these cosmetics are applied on the face, extra care should be takes because the skin of your face is the most sensitive. And also if anything goes wrong with your face, it automatically becomes a highlight, because usually face is the first things that people notice. Now all cosmetics come with an expiry date. When its use is extended further, it may cause irritation, rashes, acne, pimples redness and many other problems. In general it is harmful to the skin and so it should not be overused.

When to know that it is finally time to throw away your cosmetics?

Now below are some of the signs mentioned observing which you can know that it is time to throw always your cosmetics. Do notice them-

  1. There has been a wired smell that you have observed coming out form your cosmetics
  2. The color has started changing form what it originally used to be.
  3. The texture of the cosmetic has started to fade as well. It gives different look every time you apply it on your face.


Thus our should be very careful while suing cosmetics and don’t hesitate to throw away your cosmetics if you observe any of these signs.

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How To
Stress free

Stress busting exercises to help you calm down

In today’s date stress for people have become a common thing they deal with every one or the other day. No matter how much you try you can never escape it. You incur stress due to your working schedules, family issues or it may be anything.  Now although stress is unavoidable there still are certain ways in which you can get a curb over it and relax you mind and souls. And exercises are the best way to do that!

So here is a list of some of the exercises that have known to be powerful stress relievers and isn’t difficult at all to do them. Its long term benefits are even more beneficial and you should definitely try these out


Yoga has been known to people for its magical remedies to people from ancient times.  Originated in India hundreds of thousands of years ago, this form of exercise is considered to cure so many ailment stresses being one of them.  The postures that you form during yoga are known to give strength training and enhance your flexibility and resilience.  It helps in relieving physical tensions in your body and increases blood circulation and reduces blood pressure.  It also increases your mental focus and balances your mental health thus relieving your stress.  And the best part is that you don’t ever to go anywhere for it you can do at your home or a park where ever your may find comfortable.

Tai Chi

This is yet another stress relieving exercise known for its wondrous benefits. Belonging to the ancient Chinese cultures, this form of martial art s know to link your physical movements with your breath, hence it is also referred to as ‘mediation in motion’. It helps you in focusing at your present, increases flexibility and boosts your energy level by multiple times. It also helps you cater balance and helps you in having a restful sleep. Thus it helps in relieving the mental stress.


Along with the Chinese herbs, Qigong is considered of the best Chinese medicines when it comes stress busters. This is an exercise in which you have to focus on your gentle body movements which should be in complete harmony with your breath.  This helps in having a restful sleep, improve digestive system, increased energy level and inculcates a feeling of serenity within you.

Circuit Training

This kind of an exercise is a good replacement for the cardio with the weight training moves. This workout is filled with high intensity and within 30 mintues or sometimes even less than that, you can have benefits equivalent to those which you have perform for longer duration.  It pumps up the endorphin level in your body which leads to a better mood and thus this exercise is a powerful stress reliever.


This kind of an exercise has been known to people for the ample benefits it provides one of it being the stress reliever. By doing Pilates you get to focus on the strengthening on your muscles which helps in synchronizing in the physical harmony with your body. This helps you reduce your back and neck pain and your body feels much relieved and energetic. This in turn leads to a reduction in stress and a good mood.

Thus this exercise has proved quite beneficial to people time and again when it comes to relieving stress. And if you are someone who is dealing with the same problem you should definitely try them out!

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Skin Care
Face care

Facial Exercises to Get Healthy Looking Skin

A healthier looking skin adds charm to your personality and also enhances your confidence.  While drinking enough water and doing yoga are quite a good way to get a healthier looking skin, facial exercises is something that should also be taken seriously to get a good skin even more quickly. Time and again the below mentioned facial exercises have proved their benefits and you should definitely try them out to look even more charming and attractive.

Below are some of the exercise best known for their benefits.  And you should try them out!

The Lower Jowl Lifter Routine

First of all gently take your right hand on your collarbones while wrapping up the bottom lips on the teeth of the bottom side. Then slowly by using your facial muscle tilt back the head just by a few inches  while pulling the corners of your mouth in the backward direction. Now hold in this for a few seconds. Then release your head form this position and keep your eyes looking in the upward direction. And do the same towards your left side.  Do it in 4 sets where 5 towards the right and five in the left side.

Double Chin Slide

Start this exercise by gently placing your palms under your chin while your mouth is closed. Then slowly try to stretch your lower jaw for as much as you can. Then while sliding along your double chin area and the jaw line  exert some pressure with your palm while the side of your face will be ending at the temples area.  Repeat this exercise 10 times five times on the left side and five times on the right side.

Jawbone Restorer

For this first take both of your thumbs at the very tip of the chin by placing them side by side  and let your fingers rest below your ears. After that create a resistance by pushing your chin into your thumbs while sliding them with a medium pressure along the jawbone area. This should end just below each ear. Repeat this exercise 10 times on one goes.

The smile smoother

This exercise is good for cheek lines and improving sagging skin. For this first make an O shape with the mouth by hiding your teeth with your lips. Then widely smile while still hiding your teeth. And repeat this six times in a row. After that place one of your index fingers on your chin while holding your smile shape. Then start moving your jaws in up and down position. Then relax and repeat it two more times.

The V shape

This exercise will improve your drooping eyelids, baggy eyes and puffiness.  First take both your middle fingers and press them at your eyebrow’s inner corners. Then with the help of your index fingers, at the outer corners of your eyebrows apply pressure.  Now start looking towards the ceiling while raising your lower eyelids in the upward direction. Now relax. Repeat this for six times and then finish this exercise by squeezing your eyes which initially should be tightly shut for 10 seconds straight.

Thus all you have to do is repeat these exercises  three to five times a week and do them for 15 minutes. And soon enough you will see its miracle benefits on your skin!

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Fitness, Health
Fitness tracker

Fitbit Charge 3 Review – Do You Need It or Not?

Fitbit charge 3 launched in 2018 is an upgrade to the existing Charge 2 model that was launched in 2016. These are fitness trackers that can be worn all day every day to better gauge your health.

Charge 2 Features

  • Heart Rate Monitor- The device measures your heart rate at all times when you are wearing it, be it normally, walking, intense workout or any other time. Modes like normal, calorie burning, fat burning etc can be set
  • Sleep Monitor- It monitors sleep and recognises the various sleep stages giving you a better look into how well you sleep
  • Sleep Stages- The device recognises 4 sleep stages including awake, REM, light and deep sleep
  • Reminders- There are reminders to sleep, move around, alarms
  • Breathing Sessions- The device goes through with guided breathing exercises to relax you whenever you are agitated
  • Steps taken- It can track the number of steps that you have taken throughout the day and resets at midnight. The daily goal is set at 10000 steps and can be changed
  • Calories burned- Since pretty much everything is being tracked, the calories burned in walking, exercises etc can also be tracked
  • Distance covered- The device is connected with GPS via phone and can tell how much distance you have travelled
  • Floors climbed- It can detect when you climb stairs and tell you how many floors you’ve moved
  • Exercise tracker- The device recognises several forms of exercises and the time duration they’re done for thus. Making the calorie counter more effective
  • Notifications- Once calibrated with phone, all your notifications can appear on the device itself

What’s New in Charge 3

  • Waterproofing- The new model is waterproof and recognises swimming as an exercise
  • Bigger Display- A bigger display makes for a better experience when it comes to analysing tracker data
  • Brighter Display- Brightness has also increased the analysing experience
  • Flexible Band- The band is better suited to be worn on the wrist as compared to the previous design making it more comfortable to users
  • Lighter- The device is overall lighter in appearance and weight

What’s Missing

  • Colour- The band are still monochrome and could have better variants
  • GPS- There is still no inbuilt GPS in the device which would help tremendously
  • Charger- Only the proprietary charger can be used to charge the device

If you already have the Charge 2, and really want to swim and track it in your exercise routine, the Charge 3 is suggested. Moreover, the better screen display is sure to help you read data more clearly without much difficulty as the bigger screen has seen to the problem of letter huddling together in previous versions making them nearly incomprehensible.

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Travel health

5 Easy Steps To Improve Your Health


Improving your health requires will and determination but it shouldn’t be that difficult. There are a lot of simple things you can do that does not require massive effort, money and time. It is all about substitutions and what you can incorporate in your everyday living. So let’s start.

Stay Hydrated

Our body mostly consist of water so we need to make sure we drink enough water throughout the day. This is one tip mostly forgotten yet very simple to do.

Keep a bottled water near your bed so that when you wake up, you can immediately drink it and replace what was lost during your sleep time. Though idle when sleeping, it makes the blood thicker. So to relieve the pressure, drink water immediately after waking up.

It is also advisable to drink a glass of water before each meal. This will make you feel full and tends for you to eat lesser.

Hit The Sack Early

Lack of sleep is the same as dehydration It doesn’t give you obvious symptoms but you will feel the  toll on your body. Although there are also obvious ones like not being able to focus, getting tired easily or being cranky.

Try to sleep an hour early. Turn off all gadgets or TV to help go straight to sleep. Getting  enough sleep will help you give better performance and productivity in your daily tasks. You can also take naps at noon or on the afternoon, after class or work, to help you regain your energy.

You also have to consider the quality of your sleep and not just the length of it. Try not to eat 2-3 hours before bedtime. You should also avoid too much water intake or anything with caffeine.

You cal also use a sleep mask or ear plugs in case your neighbors are too loud.

Practice Stretching

Normally you would spend 8 hours sitting at your office desk or during in-between classes. You should take a break from sitting by standing or stretching every 30-minutes. Our body is not designed for sitting constantly.

This will also prevent over burn from what you’re doing and will refresh your sharpness as well.

Train With Giant Sets

This next tip would be for already gym-goers. There is nothing wrong nor is it unhealthy to have big guns but you can work out by doing giant sets.

By doing this, you will keep your heart rate racing throughout the whole giant set which is

excellent for losing body fats, endurance, and most importantly for overall health than a regular set-rest-set-rest scheme.

For beginners, you can start by having a 15-minute walk or practicing deep-breathing and meditation.

Measure Your Body

To know what’s best for you, you must know first what your measurements are. Write down your numbers–step on the scale or measure your waist line one day at a time until you see your desired results.

But then again, weighing scales and tape measures will not give you your total body composition. You can try something like a DEXA scan. This will help you know the exact amount of

body fat you carry, your bone density, muscle mass, and other useful information that will give you a better idea what you need to change.

You may also visit a doctor to undergo blood tests and gain some advise of what food to eat that would best fit your diet.

Conclusion These tips are truly very easy and there is no excuse for you not try them. One step at a time that you may include in your daily routine until you have everything on the go. This is your road to a healthier you.

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Belly fat

Are Fat Burners Safe for you?

Nobody likes to look oneself in the mirror and feel bad about it. Everybody dreams about a fit and toned up body and this is not bad even! There is a bit more to it, the part when such body requires hard work and the dedication!

There is no doubt, short cuts are available as well, in the fitness industry to help one achieve, what they long for: slim, fit and a toned body! The drinking of warm water, burning of fat by eating some gums or even wrapping polythene around one, makes a lot of difference, but the need is to know now, are they safe as well?

To make it clear, what fat burner are, it would be good to make the stamen, they simply help one burn fat by increasing the metabolism of the body and also the task of proving the fat as fuel to the body more efficiently also adds up to the fact that these really achieve some wonder results for the people!
Below are enlisted some of the fat burners which are no doubt, trusted by many people across the world:

  1. Caffeine
    With the emerging trend of tea, came the name of green tea, no doubt this one definitely helps in burning fat more, by making the metabolism go up by 2 %. People should not be undertaking more of the caffeine as this can get them under impact of the side effects of the green tea. The best way to find out a way is to drink the normal strong tea and under proper routine.
  2.  Green tea
    There are no as such side effects listed for the green tea. Rather reports say that Caffeine taken in a combination along with caffeine can make you have strikingly fat burning up to 65% more than the situation when anyone was taken alone! People could be easily suggested to have at least 3-5 cups of green tea while keeping them engaged and making their way out to a slim, toned and a fit body!
  3. Protein Powder
    This one is really helpful in keeping one, fit and toned up. The reason this helps to work a lot is due to the fullness feeling hormones being released by the body after consuming proteins, which actually keeps one from gulping more inside! The protein should not be a supplement for one’s diet routine but it should definitely be skipping one of the meal form the diet of an individual, which could help in gaining the best results.
  4. Soluble Fiber
    No matter what is metabolism or the digestion along with excretion is not happening properly in your body, then the dream of being a fit person could be a bit difficult to be achieved! For a clean stomach, would definitely help one have a perfect tummy fit even on that tight dress! There are various kinds of fiber diet supplements available in the market, but the need is to take the dosage carefully and without getting into too much of it on a daily basis.
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How To

Top 5 Ways to Fight SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) in 2019

We’ve all been there – the holidays are over, it’s the start of the new year, it’s cold, the days are short, the nights are long, and it’s dark all the time! This could be a tough time of year for a lot of people where they are constantly feeling lethargic with a lack of energy and finding it impossible to get off the couch.

If this sounds familiar to you, you may be experiencing seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as seasonal depression, which is based around the change of the seasons. While it can happen during all seasons, it is particularly prevalent in the winter. 

Symptoms of SAD

  • Depression on a daily basis
  • Low energy
  • Lack of interest in things you usually enjoy
  • Insomnia
  • Appetite changes
  • Weight gain
  • A sense of worthlessness, hopelessness, or guilt

If you are currently experiencing SAD, here are the top 5 things you can do help fight it and get back to enjoying your life.

  1. Get sunlight (natural or simulated) wherever you can.

Get outside

Find chances to get outside in the sun whenever you can. In those few pockets of the day where you have access to sunlight – take it.

In the late morning or early afternoon, when the sun is brightest, go for a walk for that much needed coffee break. Or when it’s time for lunch, instead of staying inside to eat, go on a walk for a change of scenery and to get that sun. But if you live in a colder region, be sure to bundle up!

Light therapy box

If you’re located in a place that is considerably darker and colder, you may want to look for some more synthetic light. You should consider getting a light therapy box which mimics bright outdoor light.

Using a light therapy box has been found to help the brain’s chemistry in relation to mood, sleep, and energy. About thirty minutes of light therapy at the start of your day should be enough to give you a sensation similar to sunlight.

Dawn simulator

Similar to a light therapy box, you may consider getting a dawn simulator, an alarm clock that, instead of making noise progressively, brightens your sleeping environment until you’re awake, creating a sensation similar to being woken by sunlight.

Using either of these tools for synthetic sunlight may be the best option for you.

  • Have a daily routine.

In general, it’s healthy to have a regular routine, but for those suffering from SAD who have trouble sleeping and waking up should really stick to a schedule. Having a set bedtime as well as time you wake up every day should aid in sleep habits.

Similarly, eating your meals at the same time every day will help your appetite and energy levels, as well as keep you from unwanted weight gain during the winter season.

While sticking to a schedule, you should have a set time that you exercise every day to help alleviate stress and depression. Plus you will be able to work off the heavy foods that people are prone to eat during winter and the holidays.

Daily exercise could be as simple as a walk during your lunch break, hitting the gym first thing in the morning, or a jog around the block when you get home from work (if it’s warm enough).

There are plenty of other viable options to help keep you active and fight the symptoms of SAD; it’s just best to find something that works for you.

  • Be more social.

Sometimes when people are depressed, they find it hard to get out and be social with friends or family. But if you make plans to see people – either at a party or get together – or simply meeting friends for dinner or coffee can help.

When you socialize with people you realize that you aren’t as alone as you think you are. Similarly, when out and meeting with friends, you may find that others have been dealing with the same plight as you, making you realize you aren’t the only one feeling depressed.

When socializing, you aren’t only helping your own depression but can be helping others who are currently feeling the same way.

  • Go on vacation.

This is a more luxurious option, but a great option nonetheless. If you have the means, find a time to go on a vacation and take a break from your regular routine. Taking a trip to a warmer, sunnier climate can help with a nice change of scenery and get you some much needed sunshine.

Along with that, taking a break from your job can be a nice escape and relieve yourself from stress that you may be dealing with on a daily basis.

Outside of the duration of the trip, you will also find an improvement of your mood on the lead-up to the trip as your excitement increases while planning. Similarly, the improved mentality will linger during the weeks after the trip.

Remember, a vacation doesn’t need to be to a fancy place like Hawaii or the Bahamas. Going to a more affordable place that’s in driving distance or a cheap flight away should be considered as well. Everybody deserves a vacation from time to time!

  • Seek medical attention.

If your case of SAD is more extreme and can’t simply be resolved by any of the previously mentioned options, you may want to see a doctor. A doctor may recommend some changes in your life that can help you out. If you meet with a psychiatrist or psychologist, they can help talk you through the issues that they are dealing with.

Similar to being social, a doctor could be a great sounding board to help deal with depression. A doctor may also recommend taking antidepressants to overcome seasonal depression. In this case, you want to find a medication that works best for you.

Your doctor may recommend something more mild if you’re case isn’t severe enough to call for antidepressants. Certain health supplements or vitamins may be recommend to be added to your diet. Vitamin D in particular has shown to be a good option when suffering from SAD, as it provides the nutrients that you normally receive from sunlight. Taking vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorous, aiding in bone, muscle, and tissue growth.

In the end though, nobody should feel alone and helpless during the dark and cold of winter. If you feel that you are suffering from SAD, find an option that works for you and just remember that spring is right around the corner!

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fitness trainer

Six Reasons to Hire a Personal Fitness Trainer

Staying active and sticking to your goals can seem a little overwhelming sometimes. Other times, you are too busy on your professional and family front to find time for yourself. You cannot always find time for the gym and working out at home is a little too easy to skip. If you found the first three lines, relatable, a personal trainer is who you need. The more we talk about it the more reasons we will find to hire a personal trainer. The best possible reasons have been listed below for your convenience:

  • Consistency

We never reach to the third or fourth day of the thirty-day challenges we take up. The third day we miss, and on the fourth day it becomes easier to miss and before you know it you are back to square one. A personal trainer will never let that happen. S/He will make sure you workout at least five days a week and with the best possible intensity.

  • Avoid Injury

Since you get individual attention and a personal trainer keeps a check on your posture and form, the risks of an injury drop down way further than you can imagine. The quality of a workout matters more than the number of hours you put in and a personal trainer will always make sure you work out in the best possible way.

  • Education

No one in a gym or in a park will ever tell you the way a particular exercise impacts your body. But a personal trainer will always tell you why you are doing, what you are doing. And to be very honest, that becomes one of the major motivating factors too keep going and makes you better equipped with the knowledge of what is good and what is bad for you.

  • Put the “personal” in your training

A trainer will always personalize your workout plans according to your body structure strength, stamina, drawback and other body needs. When required, s/he will also challenge you to get you to the next level, will motivate you and also hold you accountable for your health. And it’s one of the best reasons to get you a personal trainer.

  • Long-term guidance

A trainer will guide you for as long as you take to master a particular exercise or form. Personal trainer will give you both the logics and reasons to try a particular routine. S/He can always monitor your diet plan, workout plan and our progress and even if you achieve your goals, you can reach out to them whenever in doubt.

  • Better Mental Health

A personal trainer can always assist you if you lose a track of your mental health. S/He holds a position to motivate you, talk to you, hear you out and personalize your workouts in accordance with your moods and medical conditions, if need be.

There is no argument against the fact that hiring a personal train would boost your mental and physical health. Moreover, you will be consistent and better informed about your own health. And that is the ultimate goal, most of us want to achieve.

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