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7 Healthy and Quick Breakfasts

Coming up with different breakfast ideas can be very difficult. Add to the equation the healthy options. When we think of healthy things, tasty isn’t the first objective that comes to mind. But, healthy breakfasts can be tasty too.

With busy lifestyles cooking an elaborate breakfast daily is out of the question. This is were batch-cooking or easy and quick recipes come in. Batch-cooking is my favorite. You cook a lot of food at the weekend and then either reheat it every day or take it on the go. This has been a life-saver to me in extremely busy weeks.

Here are seven recipes that I have learned reading blogs over the years and have used quite frequently.

1. Avocado Toast With Egg

Avocado toast with egg is one of the easiest and basic breakfast recipes that is loved by everyone and is also healthy. Take two lightly toasted slices of bread and top them with smashed avocado. Sprinkle some salt and pepper. Layer sunny-side up eggs on the avocado and you’ve your delicious breakfast ready.

2. Cheese-Spinach Baked Eggs

Speaking of eggs, here’s another one of the delicious breakfasts that you can make with egg. All you have to do is bake whole eggs with vegetables and cheese. You can cook a batch on the weekends and have them over the week.

3. Open-face Breakfast Sandwich

Here’s another recipe you can make using egg. Last one in this list I promise. Put some olive oil, add arugula and lemon juice, add egg and sprinkle salt and pepper, and fry them together. Take two bread slices and toast them, add the fried egg on the toasts. Layer with ricotta and some cheese. You can have it whenever you want.

4. Sweet Potato and Black Bean Breakfast Burrito

Burritos are my all time favorite. They are a great, easy snack to take on the go. I usually make a batch of them and then take one whenever I feel hungry. I said eggs would be the last mention in the earlier one, but this one has them last I swear. This particular burrito is filling and delicious and gives you a healthy dose of protein.

5. Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

Cookies are filling and are tasty. This one here gives your basic banana oatmeal cookies a tasty twist with peanut butter. If you want you can use something other than peanut butter in different batches, then you will have a variety to choose from every morning.

6. Berry Breakfast Parfait

The quickest and simplest combination you can come up with for a healthy and fast breakfast is the combination of yogurt and fruits. While berry seems to be the popular choice, you can use any fruit that is in the season to spice it up to your taste.

7. Frozen Nutty Breakfast Banana

This is like eating a healthy dessert. All you have to do is dip the peeled banana half into almond butter and top with the toppings you like and then insert a skewer for easily holding it. All that’s left to do is freeze for at least 2-3 hours. Once solid, you can enjoy your breakfast dessert.

These recipes have made by breakfasts a very exciting event. When you have something tasty to eat which doesn’t take much effort, you really enjoy your meals. No worries about coming up with something every day or spending a ton of time.

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5 Morning Habits to Lose Weight

Losing weight can seem impossible at times, once you get over thinking that way. The routine you need to follow, the diet, exercise, can all be too much. Who says that you need to incorporate big changes to achieve your weight loss goals.

You don’t have to do a 180 of your current diet and lifestyle to lose a few pounds. Little daily changes can go a long way. Setting out a few ground rules, following some easy steps in the morning can help you achieve that number in your goal. Continuing the habits can actually help to keep the pounds, you shed, gone.

  • Eat a protein-rich breakfast

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. What and how much you eat for breakfast can dictate how much calories you are going to intake in the day. If you have a full breakfast, you will feel full until it is time for lunch, stopping you from snacking in between. A lot of studies show that protein-rich breakfast can help cut cravings, and also can aid in losing weight.

  • Drink warm water

As soon as you wake up, it is advisable to drink a cup of warm water, usually lemon water. Warm lemon water has been proven to help in weight-loss, and also helps solve other health issues.

  • Get the morning sun

Spending time in the sun has shown to have effects related to weight loss. So, by being in the sun, you don’t only get the much needed Vitamin D, but it also helps with your weight loss and prevents weight gain. How cool is that?

  • Do some light exercise

A lot of people hate exercising in the morning, but doing some basic stretches in the morning might actually be more helpful than you might think. Stretching, yoga, jogging, meditating, anything light can be done. Body and mind both need to be worked out, anyway, may losing weight be your motivation for doing so.

  • Keep track of your intake

Keeping track of the calories you intake, the kind of food they eat, can be a great way to have a physical representation of the amount of unhealthy food you eat. This gives you a sense of accountability for yourself. Keeping a food diary, and writing what you ate in a day before going to bed has proven to be one of the best ways to keep track that also helps you think about your day in terms of food. There are apps that will track your diet to the T, counting calories in everything you, making a report of your intake in specific terms, the areas you have consumed more, and also what you need more of.

Making a few permanent changes in your everyday morning routine is way more effective than making huge changes that you usually drop after a few days. Starting your day right also sets a positive ton to the remaining of your day. With these habits, make sure you have a rounded diet and adequate exercise.

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How To, Skin Care

How to do a Home Manicure in 4 Steps

Let’s be honest, every one of us wants beautiful hands. You know by some weird logic, having your nails painted makes you feel like you have your life somewhat under control. Whenever things get too tough, I make sure to take a few minutes out to paint my nails and then set out to tackle the long list of things I need to do with newfound confidence.

Now, during a crisis like this, going to a parlor is out of the question, so, we have to find an easy substitute to get the same experience but at home at our own leisure.

Luckily, I have just the thing for you ladies, in just 4 steps you can get a manicure done at home- by you, for you.

Preparation- You need to get rid of your old nail paint first, clean out your nails, try to keep the remover only on the nails and not on the sensitive skin around the nails. After you are done, rinse your hands to get rid of the chemicals.

Nail care- Now, take nail clippers or scissors and trim your nails to your preference. When you are satisfied with the size of your nails, it is time to shape them. The shape again is your preference, just some things you need to keep in mind while filing is to keep filing in one direction, do not file back and forth, start from the edge working your way to the top. When done, take a soft buffer and lightly buff your nails, do not buff too much because that can weaken your nails.

Hand care- Now that your nails are taken care of, it is time to pamper your hands. First, soak your hands in lukewarm soapy water for about 5 minutes. Pat dry and apply cuticle oil then cut the excess skin around your cuticles with a cuticle clipper while pushing the cuticles back. After you are done with the cuticles, scrub your hands. Take care to not over scrub them. Wash and pat them dry again. The only thing left to do is moisturize, get on with it to make your hands soft and smooth.

Finale- To finish off your manicure, you need to paint your nails. Grab a base coat, the color of your choice, and your top coat. Apply the base coat first, this helps protect your nails from staining and also helps the nail paint to last longer. After it is dry, apply the first coat of the nail paint of your choice, let it dry, then apply the second coat. When the second coat is dry, seal it off with the top coat. It helps the color to pop and also protects your manicure.

Getting pretty hands isn’t a hard task if you know the essentials and the easy ways to do them. Doing this once a week or every two weeks will have your nails thanking you, and you gain an extra bit of confidence by how well put together your hands look, now, come let’s do the same to our lives!

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How Sugar has the Same Effect as Drugs on Our Body

If you take a look at the top 10 global causes of death, almost all of them are directly or indirectly caused by consuming sugar or sugar related products. For example, sugar is the leading cause of diabetes, and diabetes can cause tuberculosis. About 15% of tuberculosis cases globally can be linked to diabetes.

There is no surprise that sugar is your foe. It may have never been seen as a drug, but it’s as dangerous as cocaine. By the way, studies show that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. A study conducted by the Queensland University of Technology found that consuming a lot of sugar boosts your dopamine levels as much as cocaine does and once it falls down, you want that dopamine level again, so over time you will get addicted to it.

The problem is, even if you are staying away from sugar, you are probably consuming more sugar than you should because companies add sugar to almost everything you consume.

Sometimes you might read the description of every item you buy, and notice that there is no sugar mentioned, but the trick is that there are several other names of sugar that you have never heard of. Just have a look inside your fridge, you won’t be able to find any sugarless products.

You can add sugar into anything to make it taste better. Even ketchup, oatmeal, candies, yogurt, cereal have a lot of sugar. One of the main reasons why fast food is unhealthy is because it is has a high sugar level. Take a look at soda, it can have almost 9.5 teaspoons of sugar.

Thus, sugar is definitely a leading cause of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, tooth decay, obesity, etc. Consuming more sugar products have the same effect as that of cocaine. Some studies support the theory that high-fat or high sugar foods stimulate the brain in the same way that drugs do. They concluded that sugar and drugs have similar response to the brain’s reward system, both releasing dopamine and other pleasure-inducing chemicals. It can heavily alter your moods, possibly to induce rewards and pleasure. The unnatural reward of consuming sugar can override our self-control mechanism and as we get used to this feeling we need more to get the same responses, leading to addiction.

Along with diabetes and obesity, sugar can be very bad for your health affecting your metabolism, impaired brain functions, and can also lead to heart diseases and cancer.

Thus, eating too much sugar is one of the worst things for your body. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to limit your sugar content. It is very difficult to cut down sugar entirely, but small steps can be taken by lowering the amount of candies, junk foods, and soft drinks from your diet. You can also replace sugar with healthier alternatives such as honey.

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Skin Care

7 Popular Natural Products for Skincare

We might not realize it, but a lot of the skincare products we use are significant contributors to harmful ingredients, toxins, and chemicals. Majority of commercially-produced beauty products are laced with preservations, artificial colors, fragrances. These can be very harmful in the long run.

Not only can it harm our skin, but the way we use and dispose of those products also can harm our environment as well. With time we have been trying to reduce chemicals and toxins in our products as much as we can. Nowadays people are more aware of the fact, they read labels, research, and look for alternatives.

The good news is, nature has always had everything we need. So, let’s talk about the best natural skin care we can get.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the most commonly known and used gifts from nature. From beauty to health, it helps with a lot of things. It has antibacterial properties which is why it works well with our skin issues. It helps fight inflammation, redness, and itching. It is also used to treat burns, sunburns, and heal wounds. It is easy to take care of, so, having an aloe plant in your home is a good idea.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is traditionally known by everyone to be beneficial in more than one ways. You can use it on your hair as well as skin. It helps to cleanse, moisturize, and heal. Coconut oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Many people eat a tsp of coconut oil to benefit from it from inside as well, it helps to increase immune function, and the healthy fats help nourish your gut.

Almond Oil

Almond oil has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties. Until recently, I only knew almond oil to be used for hair, it smelled great. Recently, I have learned of its benefits for the skin. Many essential oils have almond oil in them. It helps treat skin rashes, acne, and dryness.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is known to help kill pathogens and provide antifungal properties. It is an inexpensive and easily accessible natural skin care product that is very popular with the general public. It helps clear skin problems caused by gut issues and also helps stop acne. Like coconut oil, apple cider vinegar helps when consumed internally as well. It boosts liver function and is also known to balance bacteria in the gut.

Raw Honey

Honey is available in almost every home. This yummy product is a natural source of nutrients,

enzymes, vitamins, and skin-boosting acids. Honey helps in reducing breakouts and is an excellent moisturizing agent for the skin. It contains antiseptic qualities which help with healing wounds, fighting allergies or rashes, and also helps to reduce scars.

Sea Salt

The sea salt contains anti-inflammatory properties. It helps soothe skin and calm breakouts. It also helps remove dead skin cells and irritation, which is why it is used in a lot of body and lip scrubs. It balances oil production on the skin and boosts the skin to retain its moisture levels.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is one of the popular ingredients used in skin care products. Even if you have not used anything with shea butter, you are sure to have heard of it. It is very helpful and moisturizing for dry skin, it helps reduce flaking, redness or peeling. It also is inexpensive. I have a moisturizer that has shea butter as one of its main ingredients, it works and smells amazing.

Natural products do not always have to be expensive, you just have to look around, research a bit to know what works best for your issues and watch nature do wonders.

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Ice cream

What Foods you must Avoid at Night?

Now for a majority of people especially the night owls, snacking onto some nighttime nosh can be one their most favourite things to do. But one must be very careful while choosing what they eat at night. Although it is always considered wise not to indulge into late night dining if you make sure that you are not committing one of those mistakes that we are going to mention here below –

Ice cream

Ice creams are on the top priority for people who like snack onto something at night. It is one of the most pleasant and relishing of them all. But you should consider changing your thoughts about it. Ice creams are generally loaded with fat, also all of that sugar that you intake may pump up your energy right before you were going to sleep. Now the thing is these things will send confusing messages to your body clock thus disturbing your entire system.  So it is highly recommended to stay away from ice creams at night.


Now often people things that since celery is considered to be healthy, it is totally fine to consume them at night.  But people forget to pay attention to the fact that celery is a natural diuretic thus it elevates the urination rate. This will tend to make you pee more than which is usual. So the best thing to do is to avoid celery at night to have a sound uninterrupted sleep.


This is considered to be the all time favourite of people belonging to any generation. And in recent times, having pizza at night as a snack has become the new ‘cool’. Now pizza isn’t at all a light meal. So it is quite understood that your tummy has to do a lot of work to digest it while all your other body part are resting. All of this may result in an imbalance in your body system. Also the layer of tomato sauce that makes your pizza so savory will only increase the level of acidity in your body. Infact the high fat meats and cheese may give you heartburn and that surely is not something that you would want to have as a wakeup call. So wake up before it’s too late and ditch those high fat pizzas at night.


One of the most favourite dishes among the youth is pasts and people simply love to have it at night. Now pasts have straight carbohydrate. But when you go to sleep right after eating it, all of those turn into fat. And to top it all the extras cheese, oil, tomato sauces and the heavy creams that you add to it, makes things worse.  It plays with your blood sugar level, thus results into delayed sleep and will keep your awake at night.


Thus no matter how appetizing these may look to you at night, do not ever give into it.  Having a good health and a fit body is one of the most important assets that you can have so embrace it and avoid easting the above mentioned foods at night.

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parental test

Reliability in Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

Prenatal testing has come a long way in the past 100 years. Women are now able to have ultrasounds and other forms of testing that allow them to know exactly how many babies they’re having, what the sex of the baby is, and other potential health risks to the fetus. However, it’s common to hear stories about women who gave birth to twins despite an ultrasound showing a single baby, or about women who gave birth to a boy after being told she was having a girl. These surprises are reminders that there are instances in which modern prenatal technologies can fail to accurately capture a pregnancy. So, what does this mean for relatively new developments in non-invasive prenatal testing? How reliable are they?

What is Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) is a simple blood test that can be performed as early as nine weeks into a pregnancy. The results of this test give the parents valuable information about the risks that their child could be born with a genetic disorder. These tests use DNA from the fetus found circulating in the mother’s blood to check for markers indicating a variety of genetic conditions like cystic fibrosis, Down syndrome, and open neural tube defects.

How Accurate is NIPT?

This form of testing is able to provide a high degree of accuracy– usually around 85% depending on the circumstances of the test (timing, etc.). Researchers have also learned that NIPT can actually be more accurate than other forms of prenatal testing for Down syndrome.

Many doctors are now recommending this kind of testing to their patients during initial prenatal visits because of its demonstrated success at detecting risks. However, one very important thing to note about non-invasive prenatal testing is that it is not definitive proof that a child will be born with a particular genetic condition. Other more-invasive forms of diagnostic testing are necessary to know for certain whether a baby has a particular genetic disorder, but these can also come with an increased risk to the unborn child.

What if My Results Are Positive, Negative, or Inconclusive?

Receiving a positive result from a non-invasive prenatal screening test can indicate that your child is at risk of being born with a genetic disorder. Your doctor will receive the results and share them with you. If you were to receive a positive or inconclusive result from an NIPT, they will likely refer you to a genetic counselor to discuss additional testing options and further diagnostic testing. A negative result from an NIPT likely means that your child is at low risk of being born with a genetic condition, and that you can continue with your pregnancy as indicated by your doctor.

Who Can I Speak to For More Information?

If you have any questions about NIPT, your results, or other kinds of DNA testing, it’s best to speak with a genetic counselor. They are able to provide guidance and support for anyone considering NIPT and those who have already begun the process.

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Skin Care

6 Daily Habits of Better Looking Skin

There are some people whose skin always tends to look clean and simply flawless. Now although some people who are just born with such a perfect skin, there is still a series of good habits that help them in maintaining the glow and flawlessness of their skin.

Now is a list of 6 daily habits that will help you in having a better looking skin that you must follow!

  • Drinking enough water

Drinking enough of water will help you stay hydrated. And the benefits of it will reflect on your skin. By hydrating you skin you can keep it moisturized for a longer time a make it less vulnerable to the drying. If your skin is dehydrated, it make your skin look dull, flaky, uneven skin tone, and will be more prone to dirt and oil seeping right through your pores. But if you drink enough water all of these problems vanish away.

  • Workout on a regular basis  

This is the best way to naturally detoxify your skin. By working out you sweat a lot. This way you pores open up and release the toxins and cleanse your skin. Also do not forget to wash your face once you are done with your workout. A shower will do wonders but is not necessary. Also it not only brings a glow on your skin but also helps in improving your body metabolism.

  • Maintain a habit of healthy eating

In this fast forward life, where everyone is one the go, somewhere amidst all the hustling people don’t realizes the importance of healthy eating and keep snacking on to unhealthy junk foods. This may adversely affect your skin your skin may look dull and faded.

  • Regularly cleanse your skin

This great way to keep your skin healthy.  When you keep your skin clean on a regular basis and follow a proper routine for morning or night both (depending on the availability of your time) will be quite beneficial to your skin. But be careful that while cleaning your skin you so not strip your skin out from its natural oil. Having excess oil in your skin may case breakout. Look out or cleansers that are gentles and not too harsh on your skin.

  • Keep those things clean that come in your regular contact of your skin

Thinks like make up product, your own mobile phones etc are constant in touch with your skin. Therefore it is necessary to regularly clean these things so that the dusts from theses do not come in contact of your skin.

  • Take time to relax

Stress is one of the biggest threats to your skin. It may cause blemishes and breakouts. Also it may bring dullness to your skin. The best way to avoid it is to relax your mind, body and soul by various methods like mediation; yoga etc. exercise is again a good way to relax you. This way your skin will look healthier and will have its inner glow.


Thus by adopting theses simple measures you can keep your skin dirt free so that it looks healthy and glowing.

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Skin Care

Know When and Why you Need to Throw Away your Cosmetics

Cosmetics are the ultimate love for most of the women and you can’t deny it. It adds that extra edge to your whole look and oomph up your whole confidence to a whole new level. They help in beatifying once appearance and help you look more presentable and attractive. Be it your sleepy face or a puffy, by applying the right kind of cosmetic you can look presentable in no time and rock that party or your office looks. But what is more beneficial about these cosmetics is that they don’t just make you look more beautiful, but also help in protecting your skin.  There are several reasons why your skin can get damaged and cosmetics have got them covered it all.  They help you in preventing wrinkles, dirt from the outside, fight against pimples and acne and also help protect it from the ultraviolet rays. Thus making your skin look younger and glowing.

Now since cosmetics come with so many benefits, one must be aware of the fact that they don’t last forever.  They all come with expiration dates and must be thrown away as per the instruction that come written on your cosmetics.  Even though some cosmetics may last longer than the other, but one or the other day, you have to get rid of them.

How long can the cosmetics are kept?

This is a very important question to be asked. Now the answer of this question lies more on the brand of the product that is being used which comes with their own set of instructions. But there are a few products like the primer, eye shadow, foundation, blush etc used be used for maximum two years from the day they are in use. Then the lipsticks can be used for one year and not more than that.

Although this question is more answerable depending on the brand of the cosmetics that is being used. Most beauty products come with labels on which their expiration dates are mentioned that is for how long they will last. And for those products which are related to the eye makeup like the liquid eyeliner or mascara should be replaced after every three month.

Why should you throw away your cosmetics after a certain period of time?

The fact that all of these cosmetics are applied on the face, extra care should be takes because the skin of your face is the most sensitive. And also if anything goes wrong with your face, it automatically becomes a highlight, because usually face is the first things that people notice. Now all cosmetics come with an expiry date. When its use is extended further, it may cause irritation, rashes, acne, pimples redness and many other problems. In general it is harmful to the skin and so it should not be overused.

When to know that it is finally time to throw away your cosmetics?

Now below are some of the signs mentioned observing which you can know that it is time to throw always your cosmetics. Do notice them-

  1. There has been a wired smell that you have observed coming out form your cosmetics
  2. The color has started changing form what it originally used to be.
  3. The texture of the cosmetic has started to fade as well. It gives different look every time you apply it on your face.


Thus our should be very careful while suing cosmetics and don’t hesitate to throw away your cosmetics if you observe any of these signs.

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How To
Stress free

Stress busting exercises to help you calm down

In today’s date stress for people have become a common thing they deal with every one or the other day. No matter how much you try you can never escape it. You incur stress due to your working schedules, family issues or it may be anything.  Now although stress is unavoidable there still are certain ways in which you can get a curb over it and relax you mind and souls. And exercises are the best way to do that!

So here is a list of some of the exercises that have known to be powerful stress relievers and isn’t difficult at all to do them. Its long term benefits are even more beneficial and you should definitely try these out


Yoga has been known to people for its magical remedies to people from ancient times.  Originated in India hundreds of thousands of years ago, this form of exercise is considered to cure so many ailment stresses being one of them.  The postures that you form during yoga are known to give strength training and enhance your flexibility and resilience.  It helps in relieving physical tensions in your body and increases blood circulation and reduces blood pressure.  It also increases your mental focus and balances your mental health thus relieving your stress.  And the best part is that you don’t ever to go anywhere for it you can do at your home or a park where ever your may find comfortable.

Tai Chi

This is yet another stress relieving exercise known for its wondrous benefits. Belonging to the ancient Chinese cultures, this form of martial art s know to link your physical movements with your breath, hence it is also referred to as ‘mediation in motion’. It helps you in focusing at your present, increases flexibility and boosts your energy level by multiple times. It also helps you cater balance and helps you in having a restful sleep. Thus it helps in relieving the mental stress.


Along with the Chinese herbs, Qigong is considered of the best Chinese medicines when it comes stress busters. This is an exercise in which you have to focus on your gentle body movements which should be in complete harmony with your breath.  This helps in having a restful sleep, improve digestive system, increased energy level and inculcates a feeling of serenity within you.

Circuit Training

This kind of an exercise is a good replacement for the cardio with the weight training moves. This workout is filled with high intensity and within 30 mintues or sometimes even less than that, you can have benefits equivalent to those which you have perform for longer duration.  It pumps up the endorphin level in your body which leads to a better mood and thus this exercise is a powerful stress reliever.


This kind of an exercise has been known to people for the ample benefits it provides one of it being the stress reliever. By doing Pilates you get to focus on the strengthening on your muscles which helps in synchronizing in the physical harmony with your body. This helps you reduce your back and neck pain and your body feels much relieved and energetic. This in turn leads to a reduction in stress and a good mood.

Thus this exercise has proved quite beneficial to people time and again when it comes to relieving stress. And if you are someone who is dealing with the same problem you should definitely try them out!

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