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7 Ways to Get More Protein in Diet

Protein is one of the most important nutrients which a human body needs. Protein tends to be important because it provides the most energy to the body. In the growing years of a human, protein plays a crucial role. Along with this, after the 30s also protein is essential for the body for the energy and bone strength. It is recommended that the daily intake of proteins in a human body should be 50 grams in a day. Protein intake up to this level can help you in staying muscular and strong, increase your stamina and also help in weight loss. Since protein is so important for a human body, we give you some easy ways in which you can increase protein in diet.


As we all know that almonds are healthy and good for the body as they have several nutrients in them. They are rich in magnesium and fiber and are incredibly low in carbs. Almonds contain approximately 6 grams of proteins so an easy way to include almonds in your diet is by having chopped almonds in shake or all your meal. If not all the meal, have it in your morning breakfast and evening snack. You can also include it in your milk and other shakes.

Almonds with meal


One of the easy ways to have a protein diet is having a salad on a regular basis which has a lot of protein-based food items. The salad is a food item which has a variety of food items so they are a rich source of protein. In your salad, make sure to include chick peas which are a great source of proteins. For the nonvegetarian people, include chicken breast, salmon, and cheese. They have the good amount of proteins in them.

Protein rich food



Peanut butter and fruits is a great combination. Fruits are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber but not so rich in proteins. So, mix peanut butter with it. Peanut butter is rich in protein and it amazing for the body. It reduces the appetite, helps in heart health and also reduces the sugar in the blood level. It is also tasty and mixed with fruits it tastes amazing. It also increases the protein in diet by 8 grams.

Peaut butter



One of the best ways to include protein in the diet is by beginning your day with a protein shake. The whey protein powder is the best source for the protein shakes and this powder gives 20 grams of protein to your diet with its one scoop. With the whey powder, you can also add peanut butter, crushed almonds, and chia powder to the shake to increase the protein intake in your diet.

Protein Shake



To increase the required amount of protein in the diet, have cottage cheese regularly. It helps in the improvement of the body composition and also reduces the weight. It can also be called as an alternative of egg for all the vegetarians. Cottage cheese is delicious and can be mixed with nuts, seeds, cinnamon and any sweetener to make a great snack or meal.

Cottage cheese



One of the protein-rich food items is the Greek yogurt. It is a versatile food product. We recommend Greek yogurt over the normal yogurt because it has twice as much protein as the latter. It can be eaten alone as well with some other food items. This ingredient would be ample for your protein diet.

Greek yogurt



To have a balanced protein diet, you can replace cereals with eggs. Also, oatmeal is better than other cereals. But eggs have the highest intake of proteins, so make sure to include them in your breakfast. Eggs make you feel full and you end up eating less of the other things.


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How to slim off extra inches from your waist in 8 weeks

In today’s hustle bustle it is not easier to maintain your health. Everyone is so much busy that it is difficult to spare some for personal health. Due this people are getting fat which is not a good sign. According to the research, many people have been frustrated due to the fat accumulation near the waist and the belly area; of course it will be frustrating as who wants to look like a saggy sack or a couch potato.

But now there is no need to worry as here are some tips which will help you to lose some extra inches from your waist. Most interestingly if you follow these tips you will surely be able to lose the weight within 8 weeks!

Here, are some tips which will help you in reducing your waist.

  • Eat food that is right for your health

It is very important to eat food that will help you nourish yourself. A healthy diet is a key to the healthy body. Here, are some diet tips which will help you in reducing your waist fat.

  • Reducing calories is the key

It is very obvious that to reduce waist fats you need to reduce calories from your diet. You can take a note of how much calories you are consuming by calculating the calories intake with the help of apps. Calories reduction is necessary because it takes more efforts in burning calories and so proper less calories diet is essential.

  • Add more protein and fiber in your meal

It is a good idea to eat protein rich foods as these foods make you feel fuller. Including proteins in your breakfast is very good move. Always remember you should never skip your breakfast.

  • It is better to stay away from starchy and sugar products

Avoiding starchy and sugar content food is important because they increase insulin level in your body which helps in fat gain. Another problem with these products is that they are high in calories which are not good for your body. So avoiding them is good for your body.

  • Avoid fizzy drinks

Even though you drink diet cokes, it is really not going to help your body. These fizzy drinks create gases in your intestine and are not easily digested. Due to this it is better you avoid it.

  • Coconut oil is essential

I know it might sound weird but coconut oil burns abdominal fats and hence, it is good to add it into your diet. Studies have found that coconut oil has helped in decreasing waist fats and abdominal fats.

  • Regular exercise is necessary

It is really very important to exercise. It is very important to burn calories by exercising. Though it is not feasible for everyone to do hardcore training but spending 10-15 minutes on workouts will also help in shedding off the extra fats from your waist.

  • Try waist turns and curls
  • Hooping can also be done
  • Do a circuit training program
  • Waist training
  • Change your ordinary living into healthy living

With healthy diet and daily exercising maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also necessary. Here are some good tips which will help you acquiring a healthy lifestyle.

  • Reducing stress is very necessary

It is little weird to hear but it is true that stress increases your fats. This is because stress releases hormone cortisol, which is associated in the increment of waist fats.

  • Take rest

It is necessary to take a proper sleep of 7-8 hours; it is not only important to lose weight but also for maintaining overall health. The person who doesn’t get a good amount of sleep is more likely to gain fats. A good sleep at night will reduce the hormone production and even makes you decrease your appetite. Sleep helps you in increasing your growth hormones which helps in burning fats.

  • Quit smoking

Smoking is not only bad for your lungs but also bad for your belly. According to the research it is found that smoking increases fats near your waist area. Hence, if you want to reduce your waist fats it is necessary for you to avoid cigarettes. As it is smoking is not good for health but if you smoke then you are definitely not going to lose the weight.

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oats pudding

9 healthy tea time snacks for emergencies and lazy days

Everyone one likes to sit on the couch or on the comfy chair in the balcony sipping tea with some light snacks. Isn’t the imagination of this is so beautiful but in today’s time no one has so much time to leisure. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t eat tea time snacks; to tackle this problem here are some easy and instant tea time snacks recipes which will help you save your cooking time and in turn utilize it in enjoying your snacks. These recipes are not only time consuming which help you to save a lot of time when you are running late or in emergencies like some guest arriving at home unknowingly etc. but also when you are not in a mood to cook and only want to relax. All the recipes are of healthy snacks and are very tasty.

Here, are the 9 healthy tea time snacks which you can make when in emergency or when it is a lazy day.

Starting with number 9

  1. Zucchini bruschetta

This is one of the easiest recipes in the list. This recipe hardly takes 15 minutes to make. All you need for this recipe is zucchini, salt and pepper, tomatoes (it is better to use sun-dried tomatoes), olive oil, cheese (goat cheese is more preferable) and chives (optional). Just cut the zucchini in ¼ inches thick round. Now, place that cut zucchini in a plate and sprinkle salt and pepper on it. Now, place chopped tomatoes on each zucchini slice. At the end mix cheese and oil olive together and place that on the slices and it’s done.  It contains very less calories and has a plenty of nutritive values.

  1. Roasted Lotus seeds (Makhana)

It is a very simple recipe which takes hardly 20 minutes. For this recipe you need lotus seeds, ghee, salt and black pepper powder and turmeric powder. Now, combine melted ghee, salt, black pepper powder and turmeric powder in a small bowl. Take a heavy bottom pan and roast the lotus seeds on low flame for 8-10 minutes. After roasting it add the mixture you have made in the bowl into the lotus seeds. It reduces your cholesterol and makes you healthy.

  1. Open sprout sandwich

For this you need sprouts (any kind of sprouts can be used), wheat bread, tomatoes, black olives, capsicum, salt and pepper, oregano and cheese. First roast capsicum with little olive oil. Then place the wheat bread on a pan on a low flame and then place each and every ingredient on the bread and at the end shred cheese on it. It is very easy healthy recipe.

  1. Sweet Potato Fries

For this recipe you just have to cut sweet potatoes in ¼ inch long slices and heat them in oven for about 20 minutes. Before putting those into oven make sure you sprinkle salt and olive oil on sweet potatoes and preheat the oven to 450 degree F.

  1. Corn with a twist

Take corn and boil it for few minutes. After that take this corn out and shred some cheese and sprinkle some fresh herbs on it.

  1. Split chickpeas delight

Take the overnight soaked and dried split chickpeas in a bowl and add chopped onions, tomatoes in it. Then add some salt, pepper and chili powder in it and mix everything. At the end squeeze half a lemon in it. That’s it now you are ready to enjoy this delicious dish.

  1. Fruit Toast

Take brown bread and apply cream cheese on it, after that put pineapple slices on it that’s it. Make sure you toasted the bread before assembling everything.

  1. Spinach salad

For this recipe you need spinach, red bell peppers, and peaches. Cut everything and put everything in a bowl. Then add lemon juice, salt and pepper and some roasted peanuts and give it a toss. Your salad is ready.

  1. Oats Chaat

It is a 20 minutes recipe. Cook oats in a pan. After that just add some chili and chopped onions, tomatoes in it and it is done. You can even add boiled chickpeas, cornflakes and peanuts in the oats to enhance the flavors.

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Workout accesories

7-Minutes Complete Body Workouts You Can Do Straight Out Of Bed

To be healthy, it is very important to take proper rest, eat healthy food and most importantly exercise daily. But even that is true that not every person gets enough time to exercise; in today’s time everyone is working hard to earn money, everyone is trying to prove themselves in one or the other field and so people always end up getting less time. It is not that the time others get is more or given to you is less it; purely depends on what type of job you have and even on other factors like job hours (in case of office workers) or lecture hours (in case of teens), travelling, house work etc.  In all these things, some people don’t get time to take care of themselves; they don’t get time for exercising. For all those people this 7-Minute workout will be really beneficial. This workout will not only boost your energy but also make you fit.

So let’s get started with this not so time consuming and very effective full body workout.

7-Minutes Complete Body Workouts

The main benefit of this workout is that you can do this straight after getting out of your bed. As the name suggests it is a complete body workout which means it will have a good effect on your entire body.

This workout consists of 12 exercises. Here, the exercises are divided into different sections; this will tell you that which part of your body will be for a particular exercise.

Exercise Body use Description
Jumping jacks Total body Here you have to jump while spreading your legs and raising your hands overhead (preferable to clap overhead) and then returning to normal standing position.
Step-up onto chair It is same to the way we climb the stairs.
Running in place It is self-explanatory.
Wall sit Lower body Touch the wall with your back and start lowering your hips and slowing bending your knees till you down form a right angle with your knees.
Lunge It is a normal position where your one leg is positioned forward with knee bent and foot firmly position on ground while other one positioned behind.
Squat It is like sit ups.
Push-up Upper body Place your hands firmly on the ground and keep your legs straight make sure no part of your body touches the ground except your palms and toes. Now slowly bend your body towards the ground and make sure it doesn’t touches you don’t the ground. Then move back to previous position.
Triceps dip on chair It is like the normal dip but here you have to use a chair for support.
Push-up and rotation Maintain the push-up like position and then raise either of the hand up pointing towards the roof.
Abdominal crunch Core Lay on your back keeping your legs bents now try to take your head towards your knees.
Plank Here, you have to maintain a position which is similar to the Push-up as long as possible.
Side plank This is similar to plank. Here, you just have to take support of one hand and have to face sideways.


Note: Make sure you do this complete body workout in total body, lower body, upper body and core manner and repeat this cycle. That means first do a one exercise which will need you to use your full body then to one exercise where you have to use your lower body and then upper body and then core and then complete the whole workout by following this pattern.

Benefits of 7-Minutes Complete Body Workouts

  • It controls your body weight

As this is a complete body workout there is no chance of fats getting accumulated. This workout will help you burn a lot of calories without giving much time.

  • You are prevented from getting ill

As you exercise regularly your immune system will boost. Blood circulation also improves due to this.

  • Boosts your mood

It will help you release the brain chemicals which will make you feel happy and relaxed.

  • You feel energized

As you will do this workout it will help your body to provide oxygen to every part of your body which is not when you don’t exercise.

  • It is less time consuming

For this exercise you need not have to spend 1-2 hours in the gym weighing heavy weights; it only takes 7 minutes to complete this whole workout. Giving 7 minutes every day for your own will not be a big deal to anyone.

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cup of green tea

7 Benefits of Green Tea That Every Health Freak Will Recommend

We all have phases in our life where we are addicted to one or the other drink. Most of the people start with coffee, alcohol, juices, smoothies and end up on green tea. What is so special about this seemingly simple drink which makes every person try it? I would personally say that if there was a magical potion, green tea would be it. Green tea is an energising and beautifying agent which is quite cheap and easy to make.  But is that all? Let us see some benefits of green tea, so that the next time you drop the bottle of soda, and pick up a cup of green tea you’ll feel proud of yourself.

  1. Improved brain function

Researches have shown that green tea has the power of boosting your cognitive functioning resulting in increased working memory and task performance. You will see an increase in your concentration level, alertness and memory. Green tea is thus not only helpful to get a healthy body, but also gives you a sound mind. It is also highly effective to reduce your stress level and to enhance your mood and to protect you against depression.

  1. Helps to lose those extra inches

The antioxidant rich green tea boosts your metabolism and in turn helps you to burn more fat by elevating your levels of norepinephrine. It also helps to improve your exercise performance and helps the body to break down more fat cells. It has been found out that exercising after drinking green tea results in more fat burning during exercising.

  1. Decrease the risk of cancer

People who drink green tea regularly have a lower risk of developing digestive cancer, which includescolorectal and esophageal cancer. It can reduce cancer cells from spreading by preventing oxidative damage.

  1. Boosts Immune system

Polyphenols present in green tea helps to boost your immune system. It also protects your body against infections, bacteria and free radical damage. So, a cup of green tea everyday will help to keep the doctor away.

  1. Get healthy teeth and gums with green tea

Green tea is overall helpful for your body. Along with giving you a healthy body and a sound mind, it will improve your oral health. It basically controls the acidity level of your saliva which in turn helps to reduce cavities. It promotes healthy gums by stopping inflammation. On top of all this, green tea will help you to get a fresher breath by killing all the bad breath germs.

  1. Increases the skin’s resistance to UV rays

The polyphenols present in green tea also help to protect your delicate skin against the harmful effects on the sun. It will surely help to prevent inflammation and sun damage. Remember to pack some green tea on your next trip to the beach to get natural protection. Drinking green tea on a regular basis will also help to slow the ageing process. This is again due to the antioxidants present in the tea and due to their free-radical scavenging properties.

  1. Lowered cholesterol level

The antioxidants in green tea inhibit the absorption of bad cholesterol from the large intestine and leave the good cholesterol in your body. It reduces the bad cholesterol in the blood and thus improves the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol.

Due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, green tea is highly recommended twice a day. So, start with one cup a day and tell us about your experiences.

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10 Sources of Protein that are Perfect for vegetarians

Are you a vegetarian gym junkie and have no clue to what you should eat to gain those biceps? And of course, Protein is not just required to gain those muscles but also to get healthy and shiny hair. It helps you to feel fuller for a longer time by taking more time to digest than carbs. It is good to aim for 75 grams of protein every day. But the real question is if these meat-free proteins are complete?

“Complete proteins” are basically Amino acids and there are 20 different amino acids required to from protein, but 9 of these aren’t produced by our body. Hence, a complete protein will be something which has all these 9 amino acids. Meat and eggs do fall under this category by being the sources of proteins which are complete, but unfortunately beans and nuts don’t. But fear not, most dieticians say that plant based diets have a wide variety of amino acid profiles that vegetarians can easily use to get their daily share of proteins. Here is a list of things, which are sources of proteins, every vegetarian can eat.

  1. Quinoa

Quinoa is full of fibre, iron, manganese and of course it has its fair share of proteins. 1 cup or Quinoa has 8 grams of protein which makes it an amazing substitute for rice. You can use it to make muffins and cookies if you want to spice things up.

  1. Soy

This complete protein has 10 grams of protein per ½ cup serving. It should be your go to substitute for protein as it can be found in different forms. You can have the tofu or the Natto, both of which are amazing sources of proteins.

  1. Rice and Beans

Beans are low in methionine and high in lysine, while rice is low in lysine and high in methionine. Put them together and you get the best protein content. You can replace your beans with lentils or chickpeas which will have the same effect. You can have rice and beans after an intense workout or as your dinner. This combination has 7 grams of protein per cup of serving.

  1. Hummus and Pita

This middle eastern staple dish has 7 grams of protein per serving of hummus and pita. You can also substitute your chickpeas with other beans like cannellini and edamame.

  1. Peanut butter sandwich

This is everybody’s favourite and is surprisingly quite rich in protein. You can get up to 15 grams of protein per sandwich and of course it is probably the tastiest thing on this list. But remember to use the whole wheat bread to make your sandwich to provide a high dose of amino acids.

  1. Chia seeds

These seeds have all the nine essential amino acids. These are very helpful to lose weight as well. Chia seeds have omega-3 which can decrease the risk of heart disease. You can add these seeds to your smoothies or to your yogurt.

  1. Hemp seeds

These seeds with 3.3 grams of proteins can help to fight heart disease and obesity.  They are highly rich in fiber and omega-3. You can simply eat these as an afternoon snack or you can mix these in your salads.

  1. Buckwheat

This classic gluten-free seed has 3 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber which helps to lose weight. Have buckwheat based noodles or make pancakes.

  1. Vegetables

Cooked spinach has about 5 grams of protein, which is almost as much protein as an egg. You can also add sun-dried tomatoes in your sandwich which have about 6 grams of proteins and a lot of antioxidant. Peas have about 8times the protein of a cup of spinach. So next time remember to get a lot of vegetables.

  1. Greek Yogurt

These have probiotics which help to reduce weight and are also high in protein with about 20 grams of protein in a serving.

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10 Aqua Workouts that are an Injury-Free Way to Stay Fit This Summer

Every summer, we travel places where we can relax and enjoy and almost every summer you plan for going to the pool where you can just have fun with your family and friends. But, doing this every summer will be might become boring. So, this time you might try doing something new. Why not try doing aqua workouts. It will not only make you feel relaxed but also will make you fit.

But, before this you need to know that what is aqua workout? And is it beneficial or not?

Aqua Workout

Aqua workouts are the workouts which are done in the water. Water aerobics, aqua yoga, aqua jog, aqua fitness etc. are the different types of aqua workouts. These workouts are mostly done in fairly swallow water like swimming pool.

Benefits of Aqua Workout

  • Your muscles strength will increase

As we all know that water flows in multiple directions and hence, the resistance in the pool will be greater than the air. Aqua workouts help you gain muscles strength in much faster pace.

  • It builds your endurance

Water resistance is more natural resistance. Here, your body is required to be strained through water rather than against itself.

  • Flexibility of your body will increase

The range of movement increases in water as we have to adjust our movements to push and pull of water.

  • It decreases anxiety and even decreases the stress level

Watching water in motion is one of the most soothing activities and this in turn reduces stress. That’s why; people go to beaches and islands for vacations.

  • It reduces your blood pressure

Water workouts help to blood to circulate in your body more effectively.

  • Burns plenty of calories

Water workouts consists combination of cardio and strength workouts. Hence, more calories are burned than the usual workouts.

Now as you are aware about water workouts and even its benefits let us know which 10 aqua workouts you can do which are injury-free.

10 aqua workouts

  • Arms toning

To do this, you need to stand by keeping your feet apart and arms extended in front of you while holding a ball. Now start breathing rhythmically and push the ball under the water. Make sure you move in rhythmic way and not strain your shoulders. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

  • Marching in water

It is really very simple; you just have to stand straight initially. Now start making continuous strides as if you are marching on the spot while extending your arms. In short, you need to march like we march on land.

  • Jumping jack

In this exercise, you need to keep your feet flat on the bottom of the pool and then bend in knees and after that try to spring up off as high as possible from the bottom.

  • Stretching side ways

As the name suggests, you need stand sideways at the side of the pool keeping your feet firmly on the bottom of the pool. Now, inhale and stretch your outside arm overhead and after that exhale while leaning your hips away from the side of the pool.

  • Waist trimming exercise

Keeping your back against poolside and arm along the edge for support, draw your knees towards the chest.

  • Full body stretch

For this you need to stand facing to the side of the pool and make a grip with your hands at the edge of the pool. Now bend your knees and try to press your feet against the poolside.

  • Kickbacks while standing

Hear you need to use your buttock and raise of your leg back and swing it back gently.

  • Leg abduction

This exercise is similar to waist trimming exercise. Here, you need to try to spread your leg without straining the back.

  • Crunch

This exercise is done out of the pool. It is same like the normal crunch which we usually do in gym workouts.

  • Float on water

After workouts it is necessary to relax your body and in aqua workouts it is generally done by floating on water and relaxing by keeping your body loose.

Practicing these exercises will not only make you fit but also help you to spend your summer holidays effectively

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Skin Care

How to Prevent Shoe Bites?

Everybody looks forward to wearing that new pair of footwear sitting inside the closet just waiting for occasion. It could be the new pair of heels you splurged on or the comfy looking flip flops for your summer adventures. But what follows the joyous union of your feet and the footwear? Shoe bites of course. They tend to irritate the skin and even leave behind a nasty scar for remembrance for the annoying time it has given you. Shoe bites lead to inflammation and even blisters. Here we are offering you a few tips and tricks on dealing with shoe bites.

Tips and Tricks to prevent Show Bites

You could avoid the shoe altogether but we all know that isn’t going to happen so why don’t you just follow these easy remedies for shoe bites.

  • Freeze them: you read that right! You have shoe bites because the material is stiff and tight so it cuts into your skin, so freezing a water bag while kept within your shoe will loosen the shoe up allowing you to show of that new pair you splurged on and will prevent shoe bites.
  • Heat the shoe: this is basically another method to loosen the footwear up. It allows you to make sure that it isn’t too tight and effectively lets you wear the shoe without a hassle. Place a sock within the footwear, which will basically be an indicator for you. The use a hair dryer to heat the footwear until the sock is hot. Then let the footwear cool and slip it on.
  • Cello-tape: another weird hack indeed, if it is footwear which you do not need for a professional setting, or just home slippers in general, just put cello-tape on the edges which cut into your skin and you’re all set. We know the internet is full of weird remedies for shoe bites and this one definitely qualifies.
  • Vaseline: we bet you already knew that, but rubbing Vaseline will reduce the friction and invariably prevents shoe bites.
  • Band-aid: everyone knows about it, everyone has it. All you have to do is tear it open and place it on the inflamed area, simple as that! Your wound will heal and you will prevent shoe bites because the footwear material cannot irritate your skin, as simple as that.

So maybe your footwear has already made its mark on you, forcing you to figure out a way of dealing with shoe bites, so here we are offering you some ointment for your bruised feet and solace to your mind.

  • Potato juice: Yes, this qualifies in the list of weird remedies for shoe bites as well but as versatile as potatoes can be, rubbing some of its juice on the inflamed area can cure your bruise by reducing the inflammation and even prevent shoe bites. Who knew a potato could do something like this right?
  • Aloe Vera: we all know how helpful aloe vera is, so take some of its gel, apply a generous amount of it to the inflamed area, leave it for three minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. This will help the skin to heal quickly and even prevent infection as the aloe vera gel has natural antimicrobial properties.
  • Honey: honey is naturally an amazing product, just applying it thrice a day on the infected part will accelerate the healing and reduce the inflammation. It can also be mixed with sesame oil to bring forth an even better soothing action for the skin.
  • Ice: yes, frozen water. If you do not have it then just make some! You just need to place some ice in a cloth and over the love bite your footwear has given you, it will effectively soothe the inflamed skin and stop the skin from itching constantly. This can be followed by the other remedies for shoe bites mentioned in the article.
  • Rice flour: this item commonly found in your kitchen will help you get rid of the shoe bite forever. It does not prevent shoe bites but mixing some of it with water, applied to the scar will certainly get rid of the scar. Just make sure that you make a thick paste of it by adding the perfect amount of water and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. A perfect last step for your shoe bite problems. One of the good remedies for shoe bites, isn’t it?

We hope this article helped you through your woes. Because everyone deserves to walk their way to success without being bruised by their trusty footwear.

So, walk on!

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Acne, Skin Care

ACNE Home Remedies and More!

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in the world which starts during puberty. Acne is a long-term skin disease that occurs when hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells and oil from the skin. It affects almost all teenagers during puberty. It is characterized by blackheads or whiteheads, pimples, oily skin, and possible scarring.

Types of Acne

  • Whiteheads: These remain under the skin and are small.
  • Blackheads: Clearly visible, they are black and appear on the surface of the skin.
  • Papules: Small, usually pink bumps, these are visible on the surface of the skin.
  • Pustules: Clearly visible on the surface of the skin. They are red at their base and have pus at the top.
  • Nobules: Clearly visible on the surface of the skin. They are large, solid, painful pimples that are embedded deep in the skin.
  • Cysts: Clearly visible on the surface of the skin. They are painful and filled with pus. Cysts can cause scars.

Acne Home Remedies

Conventional acne treatment methods can be expensive and often have undesirable side effects like dryness, redness and irritation. Following home remedies for acne can help you to get away with your acne problems.

Green tea

Green tea has potential benefits not only for your skin but your overall health. It has antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds that can help fight acne. To get its effects, use a cooled cup of green tea as a face wash or lay the bag over the affected area. Find high-quality green tea that comes in sealed, foil- lined packages for optimum freshness and EGCG content.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains several organic acids which help to treat acne. It contains alpha hydroxyl acids that removes dead skin and reveals healthy and vibrant new skin. Dip a small cotton ball into Apple cider vinegar and apply directly to the affected area.

Baking Soda

It helps to regulate the pH balance of the skin and has mild anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It works as a great exfoliant for your skin and is an excellent home remedy to treat acne. You can use this once or twice a week on your skin as required.

Fuller’s Earth

We all are aware of Fuller’s earth which is also known as ‘multani mitti’. It works perfectly for oily and acne-prone skin. It unclogs the pores and absorbs excess oil without leaving your face dry. It has many skincare benefits.  It leaves your skin glowing and fresh and is also known to improve complexion. It is easily available in Grocery stores.

Tea tree oil

It is one of the best acne home remedies. It is found in many of our beauty and skincare products due to its amazing healing properties. It kills the bacteria which causes acne. You can apply this by diluting it with coconut oil or aloe vera gel which are again very good for your skin.


If you want to see magic happen overnight, use toothpaste. It heals your acne and removes it completely or reduces it to the minimum size.  It is imperative to note that white toothpaste must be utilized instead of gel. Before sleeping, apply some toothpaste on your affected area and wake up with a clear skin.


Cucumber juice is likewise viable for the treatment of skin break out. Cucumber juice can likewise be advantageous for skin inflammation. It has a cooling and alleviating impact on the skin.


Papaya is an essential ingredient in a lot of beauty products on the market today. It is great for both your skin and hair.  Apply papaya paste over the pimples. Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes and let it dry. Then, rinse it off. Apply papaya face mask twice a week to get quick results.

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Acid Reflux : Home Remedies Get Rid of GERD

Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD. What are the symptoms of acid reflux? It occurs when stomach acid rises up into the esophagus due to the failure of the valve between the stomach and the esophagus to close properly. It is characterized by pain & a burning sensation in the stomach and if it is left untreated, it can result in severe damage of the esophagus. Read more

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