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3 Benefits of Forest Therapy

Forest therapy is one of the easiest lifestyle change you can make in your life. Now, you might be thinking about what forest therapy actually is? Forest Therapy is said to support healing and wellness. This theory works with the idea of immersion in forests and other natural environments. The inspiration for Forest Therapy comes from the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku, which translates to “forest bathing.”

Forest therapy is nothing but walking in a forested area with no destination in mind or no intention to do anything. You can say that it is just mindless wandering.

It is said to offer a wide range of benefits ranging from reduced blood pressure to boosting your creativity. Although it has a lot more like helping children with ADHD focus better and helping recovering patients recover faster, we are going to be discussing a few basic ones that most of us can relate to and benefit from. Let’s talk about some of the benefits.

1. Boost Your Creativity

Creativity and nature go hand in hand. People who feel a creative rut will often tell you how being out and about in nature helps them get their rhythm back. Nature is the biggest inspiration when it comes to art and creativity.

If you think about it, taking a walk is often said to relieve our mind of the thought-jumble that has been stressing you out. So, forest therapy is the therapy that you won’t mind attending and it is free. Plus, walks reduce your stress levels. A stress-free mind will help you regain your creative self.

2. Decrease Your Blood Pressure

People with a blood pressure problem are often told to go on walks. Forest therapy says that just looking at trees for a few moments has a positive effect on a person’s health, this helps them calm down and lower blood pressure.

This might be supported by the fact that two stress-related hormones – adrenaline, and cortisol, are observed to reduce from it.

3. Boost Your Immune System

Nature has a remedy for everything. You can find solutions to a lot of things in nature. Plants emit a chemical called phytoncides. This chemical has antifungal and antibacterial properties which work as protection from insects.

When you keep spending time in a forested area, walking through plants that emit phytoncides, you are bound to inhale them. Your body will then start producing white blood cells called the Natural killer (NK) cells that have the ability to kill viruses and cancer infected cells in your body.

Final Thoughts

While walking in itself has a lot of benefits, taking your walks in nature can have the greatest. Many studies have shown that trips to forested areas and spending time in nature help minimize a person’s state of confusion, depression, and anxiety. It is a healing method for mind, body, and soul. If you live near a forested area, take benefit of it. If you live in a city, the best you can do is visit parks. Just remember to spend some time in nature.

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Greek yogurt

5 Natural Ways to Remove Sun Tan

The first thing we worry about summers is the suntan. Summers also mean holidays, so most of us have outdoor plans. After a day of fun, when you come home, it means standing in front of the mirror and gawking at how tanned your skin looks.

We don’t always remember to put on sunscreen and even when we do use it, we keep wiping it off as we start sweating. If you have a lot of plans that require you to be outdoors most of the times, then you might definitely need to use one of these solutions.

De-tanning in the parlor can be expensive plus who has the time to frequently visit parlors. Instead, here are some home remedies that you can do quickly from what you have available in your home.

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon seems to be the solution to everything. Always have lemons in your fridge, you never know what you might need it for. Cut a lemon and rub a slice on your tanned skin, allow all the juice to seep in. Let it sit for some minutes to work its magic and then wash it off.

2. Bengal Gram Flour and Turmeric

Like lemon, turmeric is used for a lot of things. It has a lot of medicinal properties. Mix a tiny amount of turmeric in 2 tbsps of Bengal gram flour, milk, and one tbsp rose water for that sweet glow afterward. Apply this paste to your tanned skin and let it dry for 15-20 minutes, then wash it off gently. My mom used to apply this paste on me every Sunday when I was a kid, kept my skin glowing.

3. Turmeric and Milk

If you don’t have Bengal gram flour handy, just mix a small amount of turmeric in milk. Apply to the problem area, let it dry, and then wash it off.

4. Oat Meal and Buttermilk

The tasty buttermilk is also great for de-tanning. Add two tbsps of oatmeal to three tbsps of buttermilk. Apply the mixture on the tan skin using a circular motion. Let it sit, and when dry wash off.

5. Yogurt and Tomato Extract

Tomato is said to work great on tanned skin. Mix one tbsp of tomato extract with one tbsp of yogurt. Apply the mixture on your tanned skin and let it sit for half an hour or so, till it has completely soaked in and dried down. Wash it off after half an hour.

Your kitchen is a treasure chest. A lot of kitchen supplies can be used as solutions to many skin and hair problems. You don’t have to spend a ton to get solutions, just take a look around your kitchen, you might already have a lot more than you need.

Remember to wear sunscreen before leaving the house, carry a scarf or hat. Drink lots of water and eat a ton of fruits. Other than that, we will always have natural remedies for any and every skin problem you have.

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How to do a Home Manicure in 4 Steps

Let’s be honest, every one of us wants beautiful hands. You know by some weird logic, having your nails painted makes you feel like you have your life somewhat under control. Whenever things get too tough, I make sure to take a few minutes out to paint my nails and then set out to tackle the long list of things I need to do with newfound confidence.

Now, during a crisis like this, going to a parlor is out of the question, so, we have to find an easy substitute to get the same experience but at home at our own leisure.

Luckily, I have just the thing for you ladies, in just 4 steps you can get a manicure done at home- by you, for you.

Preparation- You need to get rid of your old nail paint first, clean out your nails, try to keep the remover only on the nails and not on the sensitive skin around the nails. After you are done, rinse your hands to get rid of the chemicals.

Nail care- Now, take nail clippers or scissors and trim your nails to your preference. When you are satisfied with the size of your nails, it is time to shape them. The shape again is your preference, just some things you need to keep in mind while filing is to keep filing in one direction, do not file back and forth, start from the edge working your way to the top. When done, take a soft buffer and lightly buff your nails, do not buff too much because that can weaken your nails.

Hand care- Now that your nails are taken care of, it is time to pamper your hands. First, soak your hands in lukewarm soapy water for about 5 minutes. Pat dry and apply cuticle oil then cut the excess skin around your cuticles with a cuticle clipper while pushing the cuticles back. After you are done with the cuticles, scrub your hands. Take care to not over scrub them. Wash and pat them dry again. The only thing left to do is moisturize, get on with it to make your hands soft and smooth.

Finale- To finish off your manicure, you need to paint your nails. Grab a base coat, the color of your choice, and your top coat. Apply the base coat first, this helps protect your nails from staining and also helps the nail paint to last longer. After it is dry, apply the first coat of the nail paint of your choice, let it dry, then apply the second coat. When the second coat is dry, seal it off with the top coat. It helps the color to pop and also protects your manicure.

Getting pretty hands isn’t a hard task if you know the essentials and the easy ways to do them. Doing this once a week or every two weeks will have your nails thanking you, and you gain an extra bit of confidence by how well put together your hands look, now, come let’s do the same to our lives!

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7 Popular Natural Products for Skincare

We might not realize it, but a lot of the skincare products we use are significant contributors to harmful ingredients, toxins, and chemicals. Majority of commercially-produced beauty products are laced with preservations, artificial colors, fragrances. These can be very harmful in the long run.

Not only can it harm our skin, but the way we use and dispose of those products also can harm our environment as well. With time we have been trying to reduce chemicals and toxins in our products as much as we can. Nowadays people are more aware of the fact, they read labels, research, and look for alternatives.

The good news is, nature has always had everything we need. So, let’s talk about the best natural skin care we can get.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the most commonly known and used gifts from nature. From beauty to health, it helps with a lot of things. It has antibacterial properties which is why it works well with our skin issues. It helps fight inflammation, redness, and itching. It is also used to treat burns, sunburns, and heal wounds. It is easy to take care of, so, having an aloe plant in your home is a good idea.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is traditionally known by everyone to be beneficial in more than one ways. You can use it on your hair as well as skin. It helps to cleanse, moisturize, and heal. Coconut oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Many people eat a tsp of coconut oil to benefit from it from inside as well, it helps to increase immune function, and the healthy fats help nourish your gut.

Almond Oil

Almond oil has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties. Until recently, I only knew almond oil to be used for hair, it smelled great. Recently, I have learned of its benefits for the skin. Many essential oils have almond oil in them. It helps treat skin rashes, acne, and dryness.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is known to help kill pathogens and provide antifungal properties. It is an inexpensive and easily accessible natural skin care product that is very popular with the general public. It helps clear skin problems caused by gut issues and also helps stop acne. Like coconut oil, apple cider vinegar helps when consumed internally as well. It boosts liver function and is also known to balance bacteria in the gut.

Raw Honey

Honey is available in almost every home. This yummy product is a natural source of nutrients,

enzymes, vitamins, and skin-boosting acids. Honey helps in reducing breakouts and is an excellent moisturizing agent for the skin. It contains antiseptic qualities which help with healing wounds, fighting allergies or rashes, and also helps to reduce scars.

Sea Salt

The sea salt contains anti-inflammatory properties. It helps soothe skin and calm breakouts. It also helps remove dead skin cells and irritation, which is why it is used in a lot of body and lip scrubs. It balances oil production on the skin and boosts the skin to retain its moisture levels.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is one of the popular ingredients used in skin care products. Even if you have not used anything with shea butter, you are sure to have heard of it. It is very helpful and moisturizing for dry skin, it helps reduce flaking, redness or peeling. It also is inexpensive. I have a moisturizer that has shea butter as one of its main ingredients, it works and smells amazing.

Natural products do not always have to be expensive, you just have to look around, research a bit to know what works best for your issues and watch nature do wonders.

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6 Daily Habits of Better Looking Skin

There are some people whose skin always tends to look clean and simply flawless. Now although some people who are just born with such a perfect skin, there is still a series of good habits that help them in maintaining the glow and flawlessness of their skin.

Now is a list of 6 daily habits that will help you in having a better looking skin that you must follow!

  • Drinking enough water

Drinking enough of water will help you stay hydrated. And the benefits of it will reflect on your skin. By hydrating you skin you can keep it moisturized for a longer time a make it less vulnerable to the drying. If your skin is dehydrated, it make your skin look dull, flaky, uneven skin tone, and will be more prone to dirt and oil seeping right through your pores. But if you drink enough water all of these problems vanish away.

  • Workout on a regular basis  

This is the best way to naturally detoxify your skin. By working out you sweat a lot. This way you pores open up and release the toxins and cleanse your skin. Also do not forget to wash your face once you are done with your workout. A shower will do wonders but is not necessary. Also it not only brings a glow on your skin but also helps in improving your body metabolism.

  • Maintain a habit of healthy eating

In this fast forward life, where everyone is one the go, somewhere amidst all the hustling people don’t realizes the importance of healthy eating and keep snacking on to unhealthy junk foods. This may adversely affect your skin your skin may look dull and faded.

  • Regularly cleanse your skin

This great way to keep your skin healthy.  When you keep your skin clean on a regular basis and follow a proper routine for morning or night both (depending on the availability of your time) will be quite beneficial to your skin. But be careful that while cleaning your skin you so not strip your skin out from its natural oil. Having excess oil in your skin may case breakout. Look out or cleansers that are gentles and not too harsh on your skin.

  • Keep those things clean that come in your regular contact of your skin

Thinks like make up product, your own mobile phones etc are constant in touch with your skin. Therefore it is necessary to regularly clean these things so that the dusts from theses do not come in contact of your skin.

  • Take time to relax

Stress is one of the biggest threats to your skin. It may cause blemishes and breakouts. Also it may bring dullness to your skin. The best way to avoid it is to relax your mind, body and soul by various methods like mediation; yoga etc. exercise is again a good way to relax you. This way your skin will look healthier and will have its inner glow.


Thus by adopting theses simple measures you can keep your skin dirt free so that it looks healthy and glowing.

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Know When and Why you Need to Throw Away your Cosmetics

Cosmetics are the ultimate love for most of the women and you can’t deny it. It adds that extra edge to your whole look and oomph up your whole confidence to a whole new level. They help in beatifying once appearance and help you look more presentable and attractive. Be it your sleepy face or a puffy, by applying the right kind of cosmetic you can look presentable in no time and rock that party or your office looks. But what is more beneficial about these cosmetics is that they don’t just make you look more beautiful, but also help in protecting your skin.  There are several reasons why your skin can get damaged and cosmetics have got them covered it all.  They help you in preventing wrinkles, dirt from the outside, fight against pimples and acne and also help protect it from the ultraviolet rays. Thus making your skin look younger and glowing.

Now since cosmetics come with so many benefits, one must be aware of the fact that they don’t last forever.  They all come with expiration dates and must be thrown away as per the instruction that come written on your cosmetics.  Even though some cosmetics may last longer than the other, but one or the other day, you have to get rid of them.

How long can the cosmetics are kept?

This is a very important question to be asked. Now the answer of this question lies more on the brand of the product that is being used which comes with their own set of instructions. But there are a few products like the primer, eye shadow, foundation, blush etc used be used for maximum two years from the day they are in use. Then the lipsticks can be used for one year and not more than that.

Although this question is more answerable depending on the brand of the cosmetics that is being used. Most beauty products come with labels on which their expiration dates are mentioned that is for how long they will last. And for those products which are related to the eye makeup like the liquid eyeliner or mascara should be replaced after every three month.

Why should you throw away your cosmetics after a certain period of time?

The fact that all of these cosmetics are applied on the face, extra care should be takes because the skin of your face is the most sensitive. And also if anything goes wrong with your face, it automatically becomes a highlight, because usually face is the first things that people notice. Now all cosmetics come with an expiry date. When its use is extended further, it may cause irritation, rashes, acne, pimples redness and many other problems. In general it is harmful to the skin and so it should not be overused.

When to know that it is finally time to throw away your cosmetics?

Now below are some of the signs mentioned observing which you can know that it is time to throw always your cosmetics. Do notice them-

  1. There has been a wired smell that you have observed coming out form your cosmetics
  2. The color has started changing form what it originally used to be.
  3. The texture of the cosmetic has started to fade as well. It gives different look every time you apply it on your face.


Thus our should be very careful while suing cosmetics and don’t hesitate to throw away your cosmetics if you observe any of these signs.

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Face care

Facial Exercises to Get Healthy Looking Skin

A healthier looking skin adds charm to your personality and also enhances your confidence.  While drinking enough water and doing yoga are quite a good way to get a healthier looking skin, facial exercises is something that should also be taken seriously to get a good skin even more quickly. Time and again the below mentioned facial exercises have proved their benefits and you should definitely try them out to look even more charming and attractive.

Below are some of the exercise best known for their benefits.  And you should try them out!

The Lower Jowl Lifter Routine

First of all gently take your right hand on your collarbones while wrapping up the bottom lips on the teeth of the bottom side. Then slowly by using your facial muscle tilt back the head just by a few inches  while pulling the corners of your mouth in the backward direction. Now hold in this for a few seconds. Then release your head form this position and keep your eyes looking in the upward direction. And do the same towards your left side.  Do it in 4 sets where 5 towards the right and five in the left side.

Double Chin Slide

Start this exercise by gently placing your palms under your chin while your mouth is closed. Then slowly try to stretch your lower jaw for as much as you can. Then while sliding along your double chin area and the jaw line  exert some pressure with your palm while the side of your face will be ending at the temples area.  Repeat this exercise 10 times five times on the left side and five times on the right side.

Jawbone Restorer

For this first take both of your thumbs at the very tip of the chin by placing them side by side  and let your fingers rest below your ears. After that create a resistance by pushing your chin into your thumbs while sliding them with a medium pressure along the jawbone area. This should end just below each ear. Repeat this exercise 10 times on one goes.

The smile smoother

This exercise is good for cheek lines and improving sagging skin. For this first make an O shape with the mouth by hiding your teeth with your lips. Then widely smile while still hiding your teeth. And repeat this six times in a row. After that place one of your index fingers on your chin while holding your smile shape. Then start moving your jaws in up and down position. Then relax and repeat it two more times.

The V shape

This exercise will improve your drooping eyelids, baggy eyes and puffiness.  First take both your middle fingers and press them at your eyebrow’s inner corners. Then with the help of your index fingers, at the outer corners of your eyebrows apply pressure.  Now start looking towards the ceiling while raising your lower eyelids in the upward direction. Now relax. Repeat this for six times and then finish this exercise by squeezing your eyes which initially should be tightly shut for 10 seconds straight.

Thus all you have to do is repeat these exercises  three to five times a week and do them for 15 minutes. And soon enough you will see its miracle benefits on your skin!

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5 Mind-Blowing Health Benefits of Sauna

Going to sauna and sauna therapy itself is an ancient method of detoxifying your body, mind and soul and really has many positive health benefits, from removing toxins, clearing your skin, burning you fat, improving you health etc below will be listed 5 mind-blowing health benefits of sauna.

1. Detoxification : Sweating is an effective way for our body to remove waste and sitting in a sauna will help you sweat a lot and in turn remove waste like uric acid, sodium, cadmium, Arsenic, mercury and lactic acid from out body which is generally excreted through urine and studies say that sweating is a better and more effective way of removing these toxins than any other way. Sauna therapy is also used for drug users trying to rehabilitate as it helps remove any traces of drugs in their system.

2. Skin treatment : Sitting in a sauna heats up your body, lowers blood pressure, increases blood flow and oxygenation along with metabolic rates and this really has a positive effect on the skin, it removes bacteria that helps with acne, produces collagen and elastin which helps keep the skin firm and plump and reduces wrinkles and stretch marks, the increased blood flow helps the skin regenerate faster and removes dead cells, in general sauna therapy helps to keep your skin fresh and younger.

3. Weight Loss : Saunas also really help you with losing weight as it increases blood flow, lowers blood pressure and increases oxygenation of blood which is what exercise or cardio does, the increases heat also helps to burn away the fat and calories and hence help you lose weight or excess body fat. Women who want to lose weight can try going to the sauna with better results if you go after a workout.

4. Cardiovascular health : With the lowered blood pressure, better blood circulation and oxygenation along with other effects similar to cardio workout sauna have known to help people with heart problems and improve cardiovascular health in general. Studies showed that men who went to saunas on a regular were at a lower risk of having a heart attack or die from cardiovascular problems than men who didn’t this also seemed to be the case for dementia in old age. Going to saunas is really good for your heart and it also prevents various other diseases and problems like chronic pain, fatigue, arthritis and much more.

5. Improves Immune System : With the numerous health benefits that saunas have it also helps the immune system and healing, a number of studies have shown that going to saunas helps in producing white blood cells which in turn helps to heal wounds and other injuries, even retinal injuries and heal any damage to your eyesight, it is also shown that saunas help to fight against the cold and flu and helps clear up any congestion in the airways or the lungs and even helps people who have asthma.

Sauna and heat therapy really works miracles and helps with numerous diseases and problems and keep you fit, if you have a physical ailment or even stress, depression and other mental problems then sauna therapy might actually help you alleviate those problems.

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Soften your hand

Home Remedies for Soft Hands and Feet

Winters brings the most colorful of blossoms and can be an feast to your eyes. Although the chills can be enjoyed it may just not be so friendly to your skin. Specially it takes a toll on dry skins and may even lead to cracking. Hands and feet are mostly exposed to the weather and they too are most sensitive. Dry skin can lead to cracking of heels and palms. Moisturizers comes in ailing this situation. Now some synthetic moisturizers can be helpful but may not offer a permanent solution, whereas some may have side effects and can irritate your skin.

The solution to get absolute natural treatment and not investing a lot of money are present in your home. Yes, we will provide you with a list of home remedies to naturally soften your hands and feet.

Yogurt and Honey

Try this natural moisturizer as an alternative to expensive creams and moisturizers. A thick coat of yogurt on hands and feet can be highly beneficial and soften them. Add one tablespoon of honey to a cup of yogurt and mix them well. A thick paste will be formed. Apply them on the skin like a pack. Yogurt containing lactic acid acts as a natural exfoliant and removes dead skin cells. The fat mask restores the moisture of the skin and heals the dryness of skin.

Olive Oil, RoseWater, Beeswax and Lavender

This combination of Olive oil, Rosewater, Lavender and Beeswax is old-school and is an excellent agent to soften skin. To prepare a mixture of the above three, take 3 tablespoons of honey, ⅓ cup of olive oil (virgin), two tablespoons of rosewater and about 10 drops of lavender essential oil. Heat the oil slightly and simultaneously melt the beeswax. Heat the rosewater a saucepan. Mix these three together slowly and stir them. Then add the lavender oil drop by drop and continue stirring. The process of making the mixture needs patience but easy to make. Once the mixture gets cold it settles in. Use this mixture on your hands and feet. This will provide excellent results and soften your skin with long term effect.

Avocado, Olive Oil and Sugar

Avocado is highly nourishing to skin, especially to hands and feets. It retains moisture to dry skin and heal cracks. To get better result avocado can be mixed with olive oil and sugar. Take half of avocado, mash it and add one tablespoon olive oil and ⅛ cup of sugar. Stir them together and make a paste. Apply this paste and let it set in for 30 minutes. Wash off with cold water. The sugar present acts as an exfoliant and removes dead skin cells. The oils from avocado acts as natural moisturizer.

Rose and Lavender extract

Extracts of Rose and Lavender are brilliant natural moisturizers  to the skin. They hydrate the skin and decreases the dryness of the skin. To create this herbal treatment, add the essential oils together and add water to it. Pour them in a spray bottle and mix them thoroughly. Apply it when your skin feels dry. Disciplinary use renders massive results.

Vitamin E

Nothing works as good as Vitamin E for dry patches in your skin. Take vitamin capsules and pierce them. Extract the liquid and store in a small bowl or cup. Add Olive oil to the extract and mix them together. Olive oil is enriched with Vitamin E itself. Apply the mixture to soften your hands and feet.

These are few home remedies that produce excellent results and soften your skin. Now you can challenge the dry winter and enjoy the chill without any embarrassing cracks and uncomfortable dry skin.

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Face exercise

Exercises to Tone your Face

When we talk about health and beauty, health is generated to a body and beauty to our face. However the other way around is barely thought about. Although equally important, we tend to keep on forgetting about it.

Skin care, is mainly focused on our face, but hey, you have skin all over the body. Although people have started scrubbing their hands and legs now. Generally, this is the reason many people have a lighter skin tone on the face and a much darker one for the body. This is also the case with exercise. We all must have seen someone with a thin body but a chubby face. It is pretty common.

People who lose a ton of body weight, more often than not, ignore the face fat. We have all seen pictures labelled as jaw goals or perfect face. You can achieve all of that too. By exercising your facial muscles. Like our entire body, even face has muscles that can be toned. These exercises are simple, can be done anywhere, while watching TV, in a movie, before going to bed, at work and basically everywhere. Here are some exercises for the different parts of your face to tone your muscles:

  • Forehead: We may not even know that even our for head has muscles and even they need to be exercised. To exercise the for head, use your index fingers to apply pressure to your forehead. So that shifting your eyebrows can strengthen that part of your face. This can help smooth lines on your forehead. Pull down on your eyes while trying to raise your eyebrows. Repeat 10 times to help firm your forehead.
  • Eyes: We have all studied in school that each eyeball has 6 muscles that enables it to move. Stretch on that. This is similar to exercises for the neck. Look up and down and sideways. But this time only with your eyeballs. Stretch them as much as you can. After repeating it in each position for 5 times, rotate your eyeballs for a complete movement. Do this for another 5 times. This will not only improve your eye muscles but also significantly improve your eyesight.
  • Eyelids: Now for the external part of the eye, stretch your eyelids by raising your eyebrows as high as you can and then squeeze your eyes. While squeezing the eyes, do it as hard as you can but make sure you don’t hurt your cheek end bone near the eye. Hold in each position for 10 seconds and repeat each of them at least 10 times a day.
  • Cheeks: This is one area that is prominent in a toned face. Use your lips to pull one side of your cheek muscles to the other side. Hold the stretch for 15 seconds and repeat this 20 times a day for each side. Eventually, you will lose all the baby fat accumulated there.
  • Lip exercises: There are a number of lip exercises that you can do. They will also help tone the cheek area and increase blood flow all over your face. Some of these exercises are:
  1. Pout and press: Make sure your lips are relaxed, pout and hold for 10 seconds. Immediately press your lips inward. This will stretch your muscles.
  2. The OO-EE mouth: Open your mouth, then purse your lips together so that your teeth are separated and not showing. Say “OO,” Using an exaggerated movement to purse your lips together. Change sounds to “EE,” Again using an exaggerated motion to stretch your lips into the proper shape. You can also replace “EE” With “AH” For a slightly different workout. Do 10 reps between “OO” And “EE,” Then repeat for 3 sets.
  • Mandibular strengthening exercise: It works your mandible (jaw line), the lower jaw, and important part of smiling, talking, and chewing, as well as anything else your mouth does. Separate your teeth as much as you can without opening your lips. Bring your mandible forward slowly. Go as far as you can, stretching your lower lip upward, and hold for 5 seconds. Slowly return your jaw, lips, then teeth back to their original position.

Do these exercises regularly and you will see the effects on your face within a few weeks. Also, don’t forget to do the most use and best exercise for your face and mental health; smile, as often as you can.