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What to do when you Lack Motivation for working out?

Exercise or working out has always been a real struggle, especially for the teenagers who have so much other unimportant work to do in their life. The youth is also no less than them they are just working like cattle, the whole day to earn themselves a decent amount of living so that they can save money for themselves even in their old age but do you know we all should do work out and exercise not only to keep ourselves fit but even in your old age when you will be ill, money will only be able to take you to a luxurious hospital but if you exercise daily, exercise will keep you away from any kind of hospitals. This is the first and the most important benefit that by working out we are not only making our present good but our future too.

So now the problem is that even after understanding the benefits of work out, we just cannot overcome our laziness and the lack of interest in doing exercise. This lack of interest is mainly due to lack of motivation. It is a very simple phenomenon, that we need motivation 24×7 in our lives from doing a small work like picking up a spoon to big works like studying.  Without wasting time on YouTube by searching about useless things one should see motivational videos. These kind of videos evokes us and instils a new fire within us every time we see them. Even if that fire lasts only about several seconds its good, believe me it is because earlier you were not doing anything but now after seeing the video you did something and something is always better than nothing. The second thing one should do is to think about the benefits of work out and exercise, read about its benefits, talk about it to people. When you will be doing it you will automatically feel the urge to do workout because you then you would have read about it so much that you would want to do it practically to feel its benefits. Now even after trying those two ways if you are still unable to get the motivation then only one way is left which is to go to some hospital and see the long queue of patients over there. Just sit there and observe them and their diseases you will get to know a lot just by observing them and then talk to them and ask them what they did that they got the disease and what the doctors are saying and then question the doctors that if they had exercised would the condition remained same or Better or worse and you will get your answer and hopefully your motivation too.

Work out not only keep us physically fit but mentally healthy too. It makes our heart to function properly. And diseases don’t even come near the people who exercise daily. To stay fit, to stay healthy, to stay active and most importantly to stay alive you must work out

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How to Stay Healthy and Happy After Retirement

The retirement age is slowly, but steadily increasing as the decades go by. Naturally, this increase comes with it a naturally expanding lifespan. Since the 1980s, for example, the average lifespan of both males and females has increased by 7 years. Compared to the retirement age, which has only increased by 2 years from 65 to 67, this more or less indicates that we will have more time to enjoy our golden years.The quality of these golden years, however, depends entirely on how well you can maintain your health and happiness. Don’t let old age get you down, and instead follow these steps to make the most out of your retirement years:

Don’t Deny Your Body What You Need

Having your body fail on you is frustrating, but it is going to happen. Instead of rejecting and denying these changes, we all need to learn to accept them as they come. Yes, your bladder is going to become weaker as the years go by, and if you have a problem with incontinence now the issue will only worsen. Just because this happens, however, does not mean it is your fault or you should be ashamed. Simply listen to what your body needs and provide for it. In this case, it will mean buying diapers for adults. Or perhaps you need a mobility assistant – all of these are fine to use so long as they help you live as you want to.

Improve Your Diet Immediately

The earlier you start eating healthy foods and maintaining a balanced diet, the better. If you haven’t up until this point, then you have to commit now. You have more time to cook healthy meals and to source or even grow fresh fruits and vegetables. If you don’t, your health could take a turn for the worse faster than you expect. You don’t need unhealthy additives like salt to eat well, you only need a bit of effort and creativity or, more likely, the internet and its wealth of healthy recipes.

Find Fun, Social Ways to Get Your Exercise

Exercise is important and critical to your health no matter what age you are, and after you retire, you have a lot more time to commit to it. Rather than try to get your exercise in alone, find fun ways to do it. Join senior exercise classes so that you can not only get exercise in that is safe for you to do, you can also make friends and grow your social circles.

Go to the Doctor Regularly for Checkups

Go to the doctor as often as they recommend you to and go through all the necessary checks. Yes, it is uncomfortable, and in some cases it can even be painful, but early detection will be key to manage your health moving forward.

Get Out there and Learn New Things

Just as you should get out and join an exercise group, so too should you take classes and otherwise try to get out there as much as possible. Go to gallery events or learn a new skill. Go on a trip – there are so many ways you can get out there and discover the world and all that it holds. The only thing you should not do is cut yourself off socially. Your retirement is the time you have to finally live life to its fullest, and the time to start is now.

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Weight loss tips

How to Keep yourself Motivated for Weight Loss

Hitting the fitness center is the easier part of the whole weight loss process. What’s even more difficult and stressful is to keep the momentum and continue to put in the efforts towards achieving your goals. So, we have listed some tips for you on how to keep yourselves motivated throughout the process.

1. Determine Why You Want to Lose Weight

Clearly list out all the reasons you want to lose weight and jot them down. This will help you stay committed and to reach your weight loss targets. Read through them daily and use them to boost yourself up.

2. Have realistic expectations

Most professionals recommend only losing 0.5–1 kg per week. Setting unrealistic goals can lead to frustration and lead you to give up.

3. Focus on Process Goals

Mostly folks trying to shed weight only set final targets, instead, you should set process goals, or intermediate actions that you’re going to take to reach your desired outcome.

4. Pick a Plan That Fits Your Lifestyle

Find a weight loss plan that you can stick to and avoid plans that would be nearly impossible to follow in the long term. Therefore, avoid strict diets and consider creating your own custom plan.

5. Celebrate Your Successes

Losing weight is hard, so reward yourself keep yourself motivated. When you feel proud about yourself, you will increase your motivation. However, it should be behavior changes and not just reaching a certain number on the scale.

6. Find Social Support

People need frequent push and positive feedback to stay motivated. Tell your close kin and pals about your weight loss goals so they can help support you on your journey. Research shows that those who make a public commitment are more likely to follow through with their goals. The people you share your goals with and accountability are directly proportional and hence more effective the results are.

7. Don’t Aim for Perfection and Forgive Yourself

You do not have to be perfect to lose weight. When you are too restrictive, you will find more inclination on cheating and huge pangs of craving attacks. Thus, try to be like, “I had a big lunch, so I should aim for a healthier dinner”. And avoid being cruel to yourself on errors. Be liberal to yourself and remind yourself that this isn’t the end of the world.

8. Learn to Love and Appreciate Your Body

It has been a proven fact that people who hate their selves are less likely to lose weight. Take steps to improve your perspective on body image, it can help you lose more weight and maintain your weight loss.

9. Get Professional Help When Needed

Don’t be shy to get a professional help to aid your weight loss efforts when needed. Many people get boosted and more inspired by the accountability a professional provides them. If you are still finding it difficult to get motivated then do consider the option of visiting a psychologist or dietitian who is trained in motivational interviewing.

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Stress free

Offbeat Stress Busters

Hello to all the lovely people reading this! The world is getting digitalised, racing up, catching up with new trends, food, fashion, health levels and the list is endless. And amidst all this competition having stress is obvious, one must just accept that. But how does one gets to overcoming stress? Join a fitness class? Or doing a hobby? Well even these may require you to shop for the proper dress, the mat and again the stressful cycle of shopping without money would be on. So then? Well here are few off beat stress busters around you available free of cost and in plenty. Plus they would just require time and no money. Sounds untrue? Read on to know more:

  1. Children: Starting to busting your stress by spending your time with children. They should be those tiny toddlers in the 0-4 years of age. Try to play, converse, take them around. You wont believe but the results would be magical. When you see a younger one playing and moving around so carelessly without any worries, your inner self will get to boosting yourself. You will feel the energy again and move towards positivity.
  2. Play with the kids of your colony: Yes, this may sound kiddish but the fun of playing with the not so known but familiar kind of games will pump your energies, for sure. They may not like you or allow you to play for the first time but believe me once you get in, the fun is unlimited. Seeing yourself playing games with low energy or stress, will boost your spirits.
  3. Plants are your saviour: get to any garden in your neighborhood and try to water the plants. The breeze, the aura of a garden will light up your spirits for sure. The different movement of water down the soil for different plants will make you realise certain things. Also the way these plants grow despite the varying sunlight, water and nutrients, gives you another perspective towards life.
  4. Visit a old age home: this could require a bit of guts as the condition at the one you choose may not be so welcoming. But then trying to spend a day or at least few hours with them would escalate your mood and spirits. Just be around them, help them, watch a movie with them, or make a wish come true of any one of them, you will feel positive.
  5. Move around with a cycle: you may not own a cycle but definitely can borrow from any kid in the neighborhood. Go out for a ride with no worries, no baggage of future or any tension by your side. Just move to the area according to the instant replies you r head gives you. The randomness will set you free from the stressful situation.
  6. Visit a place of religious importance: the energies, vibrations and the aura of a place of religious importance is just incomparable. Look for a temple, church, mosque or gurudwara and sit there for some time. It will take away all your worries and troubles.
  7. Call a person: talk to a person you haven’t been in touch for around a month or so. It will refresh your mind and the conversation will lift you up for sure.

Try these offbeat ideas to get you out of the stressful situation.

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Green tea

Ways to Make your Green Tea Taste Better

You must have heard a lot of people consume green tea. This is because while there was a myth doing the rounds that green tea helps you to reduce fats in your body, a lot of people believed it. The actual reason as to how green tea can help you to control your body weight is that it speeds up the metabolic rate of your body. This is why you are able to eat sufficient amounts and then burn them accordingly. now, it is no hidden secret that green tea actually has no particular taste of itself. This is why a lot of people have second thoughts about consuming it. This issue has now bene solved for you. all that you need to do is just read ahead to know about ways in which you can make the green tea taste better.

  1. Add lemon: The very first thing that you can do is to add lemon drops to it. Lemon is anyway recommended for you in a glass of warm water each day. However, what is better than being able to add it to your green tea. It not just enhances the taste of your green tea but also helps your body to get rid of toxins. For those who are too lazy to add lemon on their own, it is great for you that you can buy lemon flavoured green tea across supermarkets.
  2. Add honey: Secondly, you can add honey. Now, it is not advisable for you to add sugar because that only gets deposited in your body and the main purpose of consuming the green tea is actually defeated. This is why you can try natural honey. It is pure and adds a different flavour to the green tea. Honey also has more nutritional benefits when compared to the white sugar that is a common household product.
  3. Add mint leaves: Thirdly, you can consider adding mint leaves. Mint leaves are usually added to a number of mocktails and cocktails to enhance the flavour. Even the very popular mojito is also served with at least two to three mint leaves. However, you must remember that mint leaves should be consumed in moderate quantities only. Excess of anything is bad and mint leaves are no exception. They are definitely refreshing in the morning and also help you to wake up faster!
  4. Brew it for the right time: Last but definitely not the least, you should brew your green tea bag for the right time. After you have boiled the water, you must keep the green tea bag dipped in it for at least 3 to 4 minutes. If you keep it for lesser time, then it is obvious that the water will not get enough time to dissolve it. On the other hand, if you exceed this time limit, then there are chances that the green tea will turn out to be bitter and you will just not like the taste.
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Yoga Mat

Considerations to Pick a Yoga Mat

Yoga is one of the earliest means to retain physical fitness as well as mental balance. Having its roots in India, yoga has been in practice all over the globe and continues to garner new followers with each passing day. What makes it even more interesting that it has invariably been voted better in comparison to modern day gym where members are highly dependent on machines and equipment. Encouraging focus and internal peace, yoga comes with the condition that a yoga mat is quite needed to make your postures easier and more valid. Thus, read ahead to find out about considerations that you need to make before you pick a yoga mat.

  1. Thickness: The first important consideration that you need to make before you pick a yoga mat is its thickness. This means that it should not be very thin. The main function of a yoga mat is to protect you against the hard ground and at the same time provide a level surface for exercises. Thus, they must be well cushioned, especially in areas where your elbows and knees will rest. According to experts, the standard thickness must be 32 mm. however, ensure that it is not too thick either. Or else, it will obstruct your smooth flow of actions.
  2. Dimensions: This is the second consideration that you need to make before you pick a yoga mat. It implies that you must test the yoga mat before finally paying for it and sealing the deal. The dimensions must be such that you can easily lie down on in and you are able to sit on it comfortably as well. There must be space on it. While it cannot be as long as a carpet, it should not be short like a doormat either.
  3. Color: This is a consideration that most people tend to forget because they get too engrossed with the technical aspect that includes thickness and dimensions. The color of your yoga mat is also important. Light colors tend to get dirty easily. This means that you will also have to invest time in cleaning it. However, not everyone may be available for such petty matter. Thus, it is recommended that you buy a yoga mat that is in a deep color. Also, bright colors are recommended that help you easily identify your yoga mat at parks and in groups.
  4. Material: Finally, this is another consideration that you need to make before you pick a yoga mat. It means that the may you pick should be eco-friendly and not of PVC. PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride and is harmful for your body as well as the environment given that it is not recyclable. On the contrary, rubber mats are more natural. However, cotton mats are the most recommended. Though cotton mats soak in sweat, they are great because they can be washed easily and are very soft.

Now that you know about the considerations that you need to make before you pick a yoga mat, let’s hope you enjoy your yoga sessions.

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Playboy Iconic Testosterone

Playboy Iconic Testosterone: Giving You the Boost You Need

The ‘Playboy’ name has been a trusted one in the adult entertainment industry since 1953. Now, Playboy has shifted gears to include the promotion of a sexual wellness initiative aimed at opening a dialogue on complex issues of male sexuality. To accompany that campaign is the Playboy Sexual Wellness line of products providing men with a little help in the sexual-wellness arena. Playboy Iconic Testosterone is one such product that provides men with a testosterone boost, improving their confidence, sex drive and functionality, and workout results. If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED), a loss of sex drive, or simply are not getting the results from your workouts that you used to, consider adding Playboy Iconic Testosterone supplement into your daily wellness routine.

How Playboy Iconic Testosterone Helps Men

Roughly 40 percent of men over the age of 40 suffer from bouts of ED, but most of those men will never admit to it; that means, they also won’t be getting the help they need. Once sex drive and functionality decrease, especially with age, often muscle tone decreases as well. All these things can lead to feelings of inadequacy and questioning of manliness. With the Playboy Iconic Testosterone supplement, levels of testosterone in the body increase, as do feelings of confidence, energy, and sexual prowess.

Playboy Iconic Testosterone Ingredients

Playboy Iconic Testosterone uses a unique formulation of vitamins, minerals, and the Playboy Testosterone Support blend to bring its users to iconic levels of sexuality and confidence. Vitamin D3 improves overall bone health while Vitamin B6 has numerous health and brain benefits. Zinc also has numerous health benefits, including preventing infertility.

Playboy Testosterone Support Blend

Playboy Iconic Testosterone derives most of its strength from their Playboy Testosterone Support blend which is a combination of vitamins, minerals, and natural ingredients that have been used for centuries throughout the world to improve the sexual wellness of men. The blend has been clinically studied and proven to produce harder and longer-lasting erections, improved sperm count, and elevated sex drive.

One of the primary ingredients in the Playboy Testosterone Support blend is the coveted Fenugreek extract. With 60-percent Fenugreek extract making up the blend, the supplement’s ability to boost the body’s levels of free testosterone has produced staggering results.

An additional primary ingredient in the blend is the 40-percent TribulusTerrestris extract known to increase blood flow to the genital area, producing harder and longer-lasting erections. Additional ingredients include D-Aspartic Acid, Ginseng powder, and Stinging Nettle extract. Together, these ingredients act synergistically to increase free testosterone levels, strength, energy, and virility in the bedroom.

Can Playboy Iconic Testosterone be Used with other Playboy Wellness Products?

The answer as to whether Playboy Iconic Testosterone can be used with other Playboy products is a resounding ‘yes’. Not only can they be used in conjunction, but studies have shown that combining the sexual wellness products result in an extensive sexual wellness makeover few would want to go without after experiencing. Playboy Iconic Testosterone, Playboy Sexual Booster, and Playboy Legendary Sexual Wellness all address various aspects of male sexuality. From testosterone levels, to increasing blood flow, and decreasing issues related to ED, these sexual wellness products are designed to synergize and combat problematic issues of male sexuality.

Where Can I Find Playboy Iconic Testosterone?

The Playboy Iconic Testosterone supplement, as well as other products in the Playboy Sexual Wellness line will soon be available in stores across the nation. In addition, these products will also be available with the launch of the official website.

If you are feeling ashamed of your performance in the bedroom, join the masses of men who have chosen to shed the shame and take control. With integrating Playboy Iconic Testosterone into your daily routine, you too can reach the iconic sexual status every man is destined for.

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Workplace injury

How To Avoid And Manage Workout Injuries

You go to the gym to get fitter and healthier but occasionally you will get injured for one reason or another. You can get injured regardless your experience or fitness level when working out. The best you can do is eliminate the risk of getting injured and managing your injury well to hasten the recovery process should you suffer one.

As a general health practice, anyone above the age of 45 should consult their doctor before picking up a workout regimen. This because there are physical changes that happens to the human body past that age that need to checked and an exercise regimen tailored to minimize the risk of injury or exacerbating underlying medical conditions.

Precautions to prevent injuries

That said, regardless of your age you need to take certain precautions to prevent the risk of injury during your workout.

Warm up

Your body needs to be sufficiently warmed up before you engage in any intense exercise. The purpose of warming up is to gradually elevate your heart rate in preparation for more tasking exercises and also stretch and warm your muscles so they don’t tear when they are put under physical exertion.

Proper form

You need to do your exercises with the correct form. You are better off lifting light weights with the right form than struggling with heavier ones with poor form and risking injury.

While doing any exercise, your spine should be aligned with the rest of your body and no joint should be hyper extend nor any muscle overstretched. If your goal is to improve your flexibility, then slowly ease into it and understand that your muscles will take weeks or even months to stretch as much you want them to do.


Your muscles grow when you are resting. You need to allow your muscles and body enough time to grow back and replenish your energy levels. Working out too much can lead to injuries because of tired muscles that can no longer keep up with the work you want them to do.

Alternate your exercises such that no single of group of muscles is worked out on two consecutive days and have at least one or two rest days every week.

Resting doesn’t mean that you sleep in all day. You can still do less intensive activities like walking and other hobbies like photography. Check Fpv Drone Reviews.

How to manage injuries

The way you respond to an injury can make it worse and start it off on the road to recovery. First you need to understand the type of injury you have sustained otherwise you run the risk of worsening it.

There are four classes of injuries: scratches and bruises, sprains, tears, and fractures. Confusing a fracture for a sprain can further compound the injury making it more difficult to handle.

Here’s how to manage your workout injuries.

Take a break

It understandable that you don’t want to lose the gains you have made thus far in your fitness journey but working out an injured muscle is counterproductive. You are not only putting yourself at a risk of a permanent deformation or disability but you also reducing the efficiency of your workout sessions when train in pain.

Depending on the severity of your injury, you can still remain active but take a break to allow your injury to completely heal.

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Swimming benefits

Best Exercises to Increase the Height

A person’s height is genetically determined. Due to release growth hormone during one’s childhood to youth when he reaches a particular height after which it gets deceased. Many are not satisfied with their height and opt for medicines and acupressure available in the market. Generally they have side effects to the body and can even lead to permanent damage. We have listed down some simple workouts which will enhance your height efficiently and are easy to perform. We provide the list of the best exercises to increase height with proper guidance to avoid any health problems.

1. Dry Land Swim/ Alternate Kick

To perform this exercise lay down flat on your stomach. Place your arms in front of you and palms facing the floor. Your legs should be straight and so should be your arms. Raise your right arm and raise your left leg up simultaneously. Hold the position for 15-20 seconds and repeat on the alternate hand and leg.

2. Bar Hanging

Generally, due to gravitational pull, the spine and joints squeeze the cartilages and gives you a shorter appearance. Hanging from a bar can give you just the right solution where you need to grab a bar, keep your hands straight and hand from the bar. Gravity pulls the body downwards and hence it increases your height. One needs to hold the position for at least 20 seconds for 3 sets to get better results.

3. Cobra

A simple yoga designed to stretch and increase the growth of your cartilage between the vertebrae. This stretching of spine increases your height. To perform the yoga lie down on the floor on your stomach with your hands on the side. Place your palm facing the floor and lift your torso from your waist. Remember to keep your legs steady and still. Hold the position for 20 seconds and get back to the initial position.

4. Forward Spine Stretch

This is another yoga which stretches your spine and also builds core strength. Sit on the floor with your legs extended and straight. Keep your arms close and

5. Two-Leg Raises

This is a rather easy exercise quite tough to perform. It increases one’s balance, stretches the spine and increases height. Lie down on the floor on your back. Keep your legs closed and straight. Then raise them up together from your waist. Try to raise them as high as possible with practice. Hold the position for 3-4 seconds and then slowly get back to the initial position. Repeat this exercise for 10 times with an interval of 5 seconds.

6. Skipping

General rope skipping can be fun and yet one of the best exercises to increase your height. You just need a rope, hold its respective ends and stand before the rope. Take the rope over your head and jump off it when it comes near your feet. That is one skip for you. Try performing 100 to 200 reps in one go. It increases stamina drastically and also stretches the cartilages squeezed between your vertebras.

7. Swimming

Swimming is one of the best exercises that benefit your body in all way possible. It is a full body work out, increases stamina, increases height, stretches the spine and also builds, muscles. Swimming for 5 days a week for an hour to two can efficiently increase your height. Along with swimming maintain a balanced diet. Swimming generally burns huge amounts of calories and sheds off the excess fat which if not regulated with a good diet can also affect your height.

These are the best exercises to increase your height which relaxes the compressed cartilages present in your vertebras and joints. Also, a proper diet is absolutely necessary. Try having protein diets along with less amount of fatty acid and oil consumption is recommended. Height is genetically affected and so any sudden increase will not prevail. Patience is the key to get the desired result. Adding 1-2 inch with hard work can be achieved.

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Frizz free hair

How to get Frizz-Free Hair at Home

Don’t let a bad hair day ruin your day..!!

Who among us do not wish to have a strong healthy and lustrous looking hair? The effort it takes not only to stimulate hair growth but the love and care on the other hand that needs to be taken to nurture them is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some are blessed enough to not face such day to day hair problems but for the people living in frizz dilemma, keep reading..!!

What’s the root of hair problems?

To eradicate the problem from the root first we need to understand what causes your hair to frizz. Frizzing of hair is a condition that is an outcome of dehydration of the outermost cuticle of the hair resulting into dry and fragile hair texture in the process of gasping for moisture from the air. Since it is a condition there is definitely a remedy that can help you to fight off that cause.

Just with a couple of steps going wrong in your hair care regime can cost you a fortune. Very few among us know that it all starts with you hopping into the shower when your hair is in an extreme sensitive condition, i.e. WET..!!  It is always advisable to use lukewarm water for the initial washing of the hair to open up the hair folic in the scalp. Since it helps to absorb the shampoo and thus enables proper hair conditioning leaving the scalp clean. Once out of your shower instead of reaching out for your towel, grab some old t-shirt cloth to squeeze the excess water out instead of using the traditional towel fabric which tends to dry out hair.Using of wide tooth comb to detangle hair knots serves the best to avoid breakage. It is preferred to air dry your hair and give the blow-driers a rest until being the need of the hour.

Make the frizz go away!

Conditioning is the most crucial part in the hair care routine to keep the frizz at bay. With a whole new set of branded products making rounds in the market, each claiming to be better than the other, not everyone can afford to maintain a shelf of hair care products to serve the purpose. To come across such a situation, a homemade hair conditioning formula relieves the masses and keep them hoping against hope. A combination of natural ingredients that suits the best according to the hair type can be used to receive the desired result. Use of olive oil and egg helps in revival of the damaged hair. Since olive oil penetrates the hair shaft with fatty acids leaving hair full and healthy & tossing in egg with full packed proteins gives an enviable shine. A mixture of banana with honey and avocado is considered to work wonders on hair and is considered a well-known humectant.

Try some essential oils…

People find it time consuming to undergo through the process of hair mask treatment and so the essential oils are here to your rescue. All you have to do is dab dime size amount of the oil and apply it onto your damp hair strands, this leaves your hair slicker and smooth. Argan oil, almond oil, coconut oil are considered to be the most effective essential oils that help with the condition of hair frizzing. This remedy also acts as a blessing for those struggling to get rid of the smell caused due to egg and the other ingredients.

From my experience a mixture of coconut milk and a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice provides moisture to the hair and helps to get a straighten hair. Use of aloe Vera gel in combination with a carrier oil helps to form a protective layer in and around the cuticle which helps in retaining the moisture. It is recommended to use a home-made conditioner once in a week or once in two weeks.

Treating frizzy hair at home can get a little fussy at times but within stipulated period of usage with patience it can lead to drastic improvement in the hair texture and promoting hair growth. Above all it doesn’t cost a penny more than just using the correct elements that can be easily found around in our kitchen.