Advantages of Taking a Walk After Meals

Many people have the habit of taking a walk after meals, it is actually suggested by many researchers to do so. Studies have found that going for a short walk of 10-15 minutes post meals benefits your digestion process and also helps in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

If you overeat then it sort of becomes a necessity – you will notice how it quickly makes you feel better than just sitting in one spot. The easier theory that people can tell you is that because you are doing something physical so you are using up the energy. But, the food that you have just eaten hasn’t been digested yet so that isn’t exactly the reason.

Walking post meals increases the rate at which food particles move through the stomach, hence, helping with better digestion. That being said, you shouldn’t go on a walk immediately after you eat. Wait for about twenty minutes before you set out for your walk. Walking immediately can cause indigestion and acid reflux.

In most cases, even with big meals, 10-15 minutes of light walking should be sufficient. Many people go for walks after dinner majorly. They will head out, take a walk in the garden or around their block – walks after dinner is a common practice. It is a good practice because it helps you fall asleep faster and deeper.

If you are trying to lose weight, then this is another helpful little change that you can bring to your lifestyle. After eating, your blood sugar rises and falls, walking post-meal helps lower your blood sugar levels. If you have diabetes, then it is a great workout to incorporate in your routine without doing much.

If you are going in a group, try to keep conversations to a minimum. Better still, don’t talk at all for the short walk. At least for the few minutes, you spend for the walk, remain silent and learn to savor the silence especially after a heavy meal. If you have had a heavy meal, then you are straining yourself already, talking while walking needs more efforts and can induce the feeling of puking with more air you take through your mouth when talking. So, after you’re done with the walk, you can consider talking to the other members of the group who accompany you to your walk.

It is also a good way to spend a few minutes with your partner or children before you go to bed. After the walk, you can choose to sit down for a few minutes and talk about your day and your plans for the next day.

If you find a location to sit for a few minutes, say you go to the garden, then go for it. Close your eyes and meditate with deep breaths – meditation is another technique to help you relax and get better sleep.

Final Thoughts

This practice is something that doesn’t take much of your time but has great benefits. If you can’t go out for a walk, then you can climb stairs, pace in your balcony, and even your room. Although outside is the best, but if you find indoor more convenient then go for it.


5 Healthy Snack Recipes With Fruits

I am always on the lookout for healthy snacks. Honestly, healthy snacks that are quick to make are the priority because ironically I like to laze around eating said healthy snacks than spend time making them. Fruits are classic healthy snack options. If you are extremely lazy then you can have them as they come.

If you are anything like me, and like to pretend to have taken efforts while searching for ways to do things with minimal efforts whatsoever, then adding a little something to the fruits will make you feel like you have your life together. Take the basic fruit salad and add spices, take fruit pieces and dip them in chocolate, turn the fruits into smoothies, add anything that makes it tastier.

Here are some of my all-time favorites that are easy to make, tasty, and filling.

1. Chocolate Covered Fruits

Chocolate Covered Strawberries have always been my absolute favorite snacks. Why not take that further with more fruits. Select your favorite fruits and either dice them or add them to skewers. Dip them half way through in the chocolate or go all out, depending on what you prefer. Pop them in the freezer and once frozen you have delicious snacks ready.

This does not require much work, but the results are yummy. Remember to use dark chocolate, we are trying to make healthy snacks and the bitterness of dark chocolate compliments well with the sweetness of most fruits.

2. Yogurt Dipped Strawberries

Like chocolate dipped strawberries, yogurt dipped ones are a simple and easy treat. They are simple to make and high in nutrition level. All you have to do is dip the strawberries in yogurt and freeze it and you are good to go. You can add honey drizzle if you like to cut the plainness of yogurt.

3. Spicy Fruit Salad

Give the classic fruit salad a little punchy taste by adding spices. Adding spices enhances it from being a sweet snack option to something more. Add in some lemon juice and some chili powder. A little sprinkle does the trick. Adding salt and pepper is the classic and most basic option, a pinch of cinnamon can kick it up a notch.

4. Kiwi and Mango Salsa

A fruit salsa is right up there in taste level with spicy fruit salad. Combine kiwi and mango with bell pepper, avocado, red onion, and cilantro. Add lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Stir everything and you are done. The preparation is the same as the spicy fruit salad, but with a slightly different result, Serve with chips or tortillas.

5. Mango and Avocado Salsa

This is the same as Kiwi and Mango Salsa, but I wanted to give it a special mention along with the earlier one. The preparation is the same. If you add Kiwi you get the earlier one but this is preferred by many of my friends and I prefer the earlier mentioned one. So, here are both the options for you.


Fitness Benefits of Kickboxing

Kickboxing is one of the most core engaging forms of exercise. Nor only does it give your body good exercise, it is also a great tool when it comes to self-defence. Talk about something tackling more than one of our needs. Kickboxing is a practice that I have always advised people to take up, and even my basic daily exercising has some elements of it incorporated in the routine.

A high-energy kickboxing workout can get all the parts of your body well trained. My kickboxing workout regime is similar to most routines that include kickboxing. The focus is on combining martial arts techniques with great heart-pumping cardio. Which is why it is also very beneficial for people wanting to shed some pounds. Mostly the core kickboxing workout routine is suggested once per week, but I have learnt to enjoy a tiny amount of it incorporated in my daily routine as well.

Kickboxing is also said to reduce stress and boost confidence levels. You release endorphins and that helps boost your mood and also helps you feel more confident. Which is why after a good kickboxing workout, you feel happy and positive. Because you are punching and kicking, it is a great way to release stress, not only mental but also physical.

It is seen as a bit of a aggressive release, but I might have imagined the punching bag as my problems and worked away at it at more than one occasions. The kicking and punching help you engage several of your core muscle groups that help your body get a complete workout, hence also loosening up your body of stress.

You know that it is a high-energy cardio routine, which is why you will see a rise in your energy levels as time progresses. You will be breathing hard during your workout, and also sweating out toxins – all this not only helps elevate mood but also helps your body energize.

The movements in the exercise are all in quick successions, which helps you better your reflexes and coordination skills. It also helps you focus more because you have to pay attention as to what your next move is going to be. It can be better if you practice it with someone. With reflexes and coordination, it also helps you improve your posture.

Most of our jobs include typing away at computers, being at a desk – not being much active in general. Your muscles start tightening up and your posture becomes poor. Because kickboxing engages a lot of your muscle groups, it helps you improve your posture.

It is also great for weight loss. Your core muscles are targeted, that means your waist and abs get a total workout because you need to develop more balance in your body. This helps shed fat around your middle, which is a problem area for many. It is said that one hour of kickboxing can help you burn around 800 calories.

Kickboxing is a great exercise regime to follow to get your body in shape, increase your core strength, and reach your fitness goals.

Weight loss tips

5 Sports that Help You Lose Weight

Playing sports is a great way to hit many birds with one stone. It helps you stay fit, increases stamina and flexibility, helps you lose weight, and also helps you have fun. Different sports teams that I have been in have given me a chance to meet so many people with the same interests as me. It also works as a motivation to do more in the sport you are partaking in.

1. Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art form that is said to have many benefits for your body. It involves dynamic punching and kicking drills along with blocks, core-strengthening exercises, and stretches.

Because there is a lot of physical activity involved, it helps you build stamina and core strength, it improves muscle tone and appearance, and also improves overall flexibility of your body. Going through a rigorous training also increases your heart rate and helps you lose weight. Taekwondo for an hour can help you burn more than 900 calories.

2. Kickboxing

Kickboxing like Taekwondo is a form of martial arts. It is mostly learned as a self-defense technique. It focuses on your core while also focusing on your arms, shoulders, legs, and glutes. It engages your entire body in exercise and also helps increase stamina. It is also a great cardio workout and will also help you lose weight and tone your body. An hour of kickboxing can help you burn more than 770 calories.

3. Swimming

Swimming helps tone your muscles, build stamina, and increase core strength. A few laps can usually make a huge difference in your overall fitness level as well help you lose a considerable amount of weight. An hour of swimming can help you burn more than 880 calories.

4. Running

Running is one of the common forms of exercises that people take up whenever it comes to losing weight. Reason for it is quite simple, you don’t usually need special equipment or place to run. You just need shoes and you are good to go. It helps strengthen your body muscles and also increases your stamina. You work up quite a sweat and it helps you burn calories. An hour of running can help you burn more than 700 calories.

5. Cycling

Cycling is another one of the popular sports taken up by majority of people to lose weight. It is also used to rope in some great cardiovascular exercise. You should try substituting your transport for cycling, because it will help you get in exercise while also helping you reach from point A to point B, and is also environment friendly. An hour of cycling can help you burn more than 500

I would suggest joining local groups so that these also become a time for you to socialize and enjoy yourself, while you also work on yourself. Having people around also helps you keep going. You won’t give up as early as you would if you do it alone and face difficulty.


5 Must-Have Fitness Wardrobe Staples

So you have recently started taking your workout seriously and want to build a proper fitness wardrobe but don’t know how. With many cute pieces floating around, it does get difficult to choose. But remember, the most important items are comfortable workout clothes. There is no point in looking cute when the clothes are uncomfortable, especially for a workout. Here are some of the must-haves to build your fitness wardrobe from the ground up.

1. Sports bra

A good sports bra is essential. If your sports bra is uncomfortable, chafes, digs in or provides insufficient support, then your workout can be an uncomfortable experience. Knowing your size is important to choose a sports bra that is comfortable for you. After that obviously, you can play with the look and color.

2. Tank top/fitness tee

A lightweight tank top is the way to go. Not everyone is comfortable in a sports bra, and even if you are, having a reliable tank top or tee is a great option. Working up a sweat becomes more comfortable in a breathable material. Moisture wicking is another one of the characteristics that people pay attention to. If you are into high intensity-training or high-impact workouts, then mesh panels are great for ventilation and will help you cool down quickly after a heavy workout.

3. Leggings/shorts

Breathable and comfortable leggings or shorts are a must for a great workout. If you are getting into intense workouts, then they are perfect because they allow plenty of ventilation. Breathable leggings move with you no matter what exercise you are doing. Mostly go for leggings if you are going to do yoga or handstands or exercises that will require your legs to be up in the air, shorts tend to ride up and become a hindrance.

4. Ankle socks

Socks are important to pay attention to because they need to complement your gym shoes, and I don’t mean style wise but functionality wise. What you should go for are lightweight running socks, they will keep your feet comfortable throughout the workout. Low-cut socks with breathable fabric, arch support, and moisture-wicking characteristic are the way to go.

5. Shoes

Shoes are one of the most important parts of your fitness wardrobe. They are going to carry your weight throughout all kinds of regimes you follow- walking, running, training, cross-fit, anything. Do not shy away from investing in good quality shoes. Cross-training shoes will work well for all your gym-ing plans, but you are planning on hitting the tracks then you might want to invest in proper running shoes. Running shoes focus on support, shock absorption, and traction and cross-fit shoes focus on comfort, and all your gym related needs.

While these are the basic wardrobe essentials that you need, there are also a few accessories that you should add in your list to make your life easier. Having a water bottle of your own is more of a necessity than want. Make sure that you own one. Other than that a duffle bag, headphones, fitness bands are all optional. It wouldn’t matter much if you don’t have them.

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5 Swimming Exercises For Beginners

If you are thinking of taking on swimming as a part of your weight-loss journey, then it is a good decision. Swimming can be used as a great form of exercise to stay fit, increase stamina, and also muscle strength. It is also gentle on the body when you begin. Like machines, it doesn’t jar your bones or damage your joints, yet is effective in keeping you fit and also helping your weight loss goal.

Swimming is said to be an easy form of exercise, which is why many people doubt it to be qualified as a weight loss exercise. But depending on your workout regime and the way you structure your swim exercises, it can be very challenging. Because the water serves as a form of resistance, it helps tone and strengthens your muscles. Swimming also improves your cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.

Make sure that you have proper gear when beginning out to help you get the best out of your workout. Having a workout partner helps too. It becomes more fun to do laps with someone with you. Listen to your body and also have a proper diet to go with your exercises. Remember when to eat and when not to before getting in the pool.

Swimcap, googles, kickboard, pull buoy, fins, and paddles are somethings to consider having if you want to seriously get into the sporting exercise.

Here are a few exercise structures you can follow to get yourself acquainted to the regime.

1. Go easy

If you are starting out, then this might help you get in the grove.

  • 1 x 100m slow swimming.

2. Swim kick swim

As a beginner, starting slow and using tool to help is a smart move. Use kickboards and pull buoy to help you tackle simple exercises before you go freestyle.

  • Swim one lap.
  • Kick one lap using a kickboard.
  • Swim one lap with a pull buoy between your legs.

You can repeat this set for 15-20 minutes. This helps you work both your upper and lower body.

3. Swim and walk

  • Swim the length of the pool.
  • Walk briskly through the water back to the starting point. If the water is too deep, you may need to wear an aqua jogger around your waist.

Repeat this exercise for 15-20 minutes for a proper workout session.

4. Swim and kick

This exercise is a full body workout with a focus on your cardiovascular goals.

  • Swim for 5 minutes, taking a break for 15-30 seconds at each end of the pool.
  • Kick for 5 minutes using a kickboard.

Repeat three times. You can increase it as you go, but three is more than enough. It helps you get in 15 minutes of a proper workout.

5. Hefty warm up

  • 2 x 50m swim freestyle (front crawl) with 30 seconds rest after each round.
  • 2 x 50m kick freestyle (hold a kickboard and use only your legs) with 30 seconds rest.
  • 2 x 50m pull freestyle (place a pull buoy between your legs and use only your arms) with 30 seconds rest.
Weight loss tips

5 Drinks to Help Lose Weight

Losing weight is a sensitive issue to many. We try a lot of things to reach the ideal body weight and type we want. A lot has to do with the food we eat and the calories we intake. Here are some drinks that can help you in your journey towards weight loss.

1. Water

I am not kidding when I say you need to drink a lot of water to lose weight. Not only for weight but it solves a lot of skin issues too. Many drinks that we buy from stores have a ton of sugar added to them, while energy drinks might make you feel energized, it’s the sugar that is doing the most harm to you. Make a point to drink more water than energy drinks and soft drinks.

2. Vegetable juice / Vegetable Smoothie

Vegetables are healthy, we all know that. If we could turn them into drinks and fulfill our drinking quota, how cool would that be? Now, vegetable juice can be yummy or inedible to you depending on the vegetables you use. I mean I don’t want to be gulping down bitter gourd juice, even though it is one of the healthiest ones. Cucumber, carrot, cabbage, celery, kale, spinach, and wheatgrass are some of the popular smoothie veggie options.

3. Green tea

Green tea is said to increase metabolism and help lose weight. If you are a person who can’t live without tea, then it is a great idea to switch it with green tea instead. Hot or iced, depending on your preference. For it to be a low-sugar option, add honey instead of sugar. Honey is a healthy sweetener for almost anything you use sugar for.

4. Black Coffee

Like green tea, black coffee also helps boost metabolism and helps lose weight. It is also a good switch to make if you keep drinking a lot of coffee and need to reduce it. It is stronger than the one with milk so you do not constantly feel the need for drinking a lot of coffee.

5. Fruit juice / Smoothie

Fruits like vegetables are our staple healthy food. Unlike vegetables, most fruits juices are tastier and people take them regularly. Instead of buying tetra packs of fruit juices, try making them fresh. That way you know the amount of sugar going into it, which can be none if you make it at home with seasonal fruits.

Taking care of what you put in your body is important. May it be food or drinks, be aware of what you intake and also the sugar content that your drinks have.

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5 Morning Habits to Lose Weight

Losing weight can seem impossible at times, once you get over thinking that way. The routine you need to follow, the diet, exercise, can all be too much. Who says that you need to incorporate big changes to achieve your weight loss goals.

You don’t have to do a 180 of your current diet and lifestyle to lose a few pounds. Little daily changes can go a long way. Setting out a few ground rules, following some easy steps in the morning can help you achieve that number in your goal. Continuing the habits can actually help to keep the pounds, you shed, gone.

  • Eat a protein-rich breakfast

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. What and how much you eat for breakfast can dictate how much calories you are going to intake in the day. If you have a full breakfast, you will feel full until it is time for lunch, stopping you from snacking in between. A lot of studies show that protein-rich breakfast can help cut cravings, and also can aid in losing weight.

  • Drink warm water

As soon as you wake up, it is advisable to drink a cup of warm water, usually lemon water. Warm lemon water has been proven to help in weight-loss, and also helps solve other health issues.

  • Get the morning sun

Spending time in the sun has shown to have effects related to weight loss. So, by being in the sun, you don’t only get the much needed Vitamin D, but it also helps with your weight loss and prevents weight gain. How cool is that?

  • Do some light exercise

A lot of people hate exercising in the morning, but doing some basic stretches in the morning might actually be more helpful than you might think. Stretching, yoga, jogging, meditating, anything light can be done. Body and mind both need to be worked out, anyway, may losing weight be your motivation for doing so.

  • Keep track of your intake

Keeping track of the calories you intake, the kind of food they eat, can be a great way to have a physical representation of the amount of unhealthy food you eat. This gives you a sense of accountability for yourself. Keeping a food diary, and writing what you ate in a day before going to bed has proven to be one of the best ways to keep track that also helps you think about your day in terms of food. There are apps that will track your diet to the T, counting calories in everything you, making a report of your intake in specific terms, the areas you have consumed more, and also what you need more of.

Making a few permanent changes in your everyday morning routine is way more effective than making huge changes that you usually drop after a few days. Starting your day right also sets a positive ton to the remaining of your day. With these habits, make sure you have a rounded diet and adequate exercise.

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Fitness tracker

Fitbit Charge 3 Review – Do You Need It or Not?

Fitbit charge 3 launched in 2018 is an upgrade to the existing Charge 2 model that was launched in 2016. These are fitness trackers that can be worn all day every day to better gauge your health.

Charge 2 Features

  • Heart Rate Monitor- The device measures your heart rate at all times when you are wearing it, be it normally, walking, intense workout or any other time. Modes like normal, calorie burning, fat burning etc can be set
  • Sleep Monitor- It monitors sleep and recognises the various sleep stages giving you a better look into how well you sleep
  • Sleep Stages- The device recognises 4 sleep stages including awake, REM, light and deep sleep
  • Reminders- There are reminders to sleep, move around, alarms
  • Breathing Sessions- The device goes through with guided breathing exercises to relax you whenever you are agitated
  • Steps taken- It can track the number of steps that you have taken throughout the day and resets at midnight. The daily goal is set at 10000 steps and can be changed
  • Calories burned- Since pretty much everything is being tracked, the calories burned in walking, exercises etc can also be tracked
  • Distance covered- The device is connected with GPS via phone and can tell how much distance you have travelled
  • Floors climbed- It can detect when you climb stairs and tell you how many floors you’ve moved
  • Exercise tracker- The device recognises several forms of exercises and the time duration they’re done for thus. Making the calorie counter more effective
  • Notifications- Once calibrated with phone, all your notifications can appear on the device itself

What’s New in Charge 3

  • Waterproofing- The new model is waterproof and recognises swimming as an exercise
  • Bigger Display- A bigger display makes for a better experience when it comes to analysing tracker data
  • Brighter Display- Brightness has also increased the analysing experience
  • Flexible Band- The band is better suited to be worn on the wrist as compared to the previous design making it more comfortable to users
  • Lighter- The device is overall lighter in appearance and weight

What’s Missing

  • Colour- The band are still monochrome and could have better variants
  • GPS- There is still no inbuilt GPS in the device which would help tremendously
  • Charger- Only the proprietary charger can be used to charge the device

If you already have the Charge 2, and really want to swim and track it in your exercise routine, the Charge 3 is suggested. Moreover, the better screen display is sure to help you read data more clearly without much difficulty as the bigger screen has seen to the problem of letter huddling together in previous versions making them nearly incomprehensible.

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Are Fat Burners Safe for you?

Nobody likes to look oneself in the mirror and feel bad about it. Everybody dreams about a fit and toned up body and this is not bad even! There is a bit more to it, the part when such body requires hard work and the dedication!

There is no doubt, short cuts are available as well, in the fitness industry to help one achieve, what they long for: slim, fit and a toned body! The drinking of warm water, burning of fat by eating some gums or even wrapping polythene around one, makes a lot of difference, but the need is to know now, are they safe as well?

To make it clear, what fat burner are, it would be good to make the stamen, they simply help one burn fat by increasing the metabolism of the body and also the task of proving the fat as fuel to the body more efficiently also adds up to the fact that these really achieve some wonder results for the people!
Below are enlisted some of the fat burners which are no doubt, trusted by many people across the world:

  1. Caffeine
    With the emerging trend of tea, came the name of green tea, no doubt this one definitely helps in burning fat more, by making the metabolism go up by 2 %. People should not be undertaking more of the caffeine as this can get them under impact of the side effects of the green tea. The best way to find out a way is to drink the normal strong tea and under proper routine.
  2.  Green tea
    There are no as such side effects listed for the green tea. Rather reports say that Caffeine taken in a combination along with caffeine can make you have strikingly fat burning up to 65% more than the situation when anyone was taken alone! People could be easily suggested to have at least 3-5 cups of green tea while keeping them engaged and making their way out to a slim, toned and a fit body!
  3. Protein Powder
    This one is really helpful in keeping one, fit and toned up. The reason this helps to work a lot is due to the fullness feeling hormones being released by the body after consuming proteins, which actually keeps one from gulping more inside! The protein should not be a supplement for one’s diet routine but it should definitely be skipping one of the meal form the diet of an individual, which could help in gaining the best results.
  4. Soluble Fiber
    No matter what is metabolism or the digestion along with excretion is not happening properly in your body, then the dream of being a fit person could be a bit difficult to be achieved! For a clean stomach, would definitely help one have a perfect tummy fit even on that tight dress! There are various kinds of fiber diet supplements available in the market, but the need is to take the dosage carefully and without getting into too much of it on a daily basis.