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Should Golf be a Sport even if there is not much Physical Exercise?

First, let’s see that what exactly is usually understood by the masses when we talk of sports. According to people, sports means that you play a game where you need to need to run a lot and sweat it out. As per reviews, it is believed that only games such as badminton, tennis, cricket, basketball, polo and similar are considered under the wide banner of sports. But, that is a myth which needs to be broken and that is just what is going to happen in a while from now. Keep reading ahead.

There are several aims of sports:

  • Sports is known to increase one’s concentration in every field they engage in. This is so because in every sport, you need to aim for a target. This helps you to build on your focus. Similarly, you can divert your attention to other aspects of life as well.
  • Sports enhances team spirit. Usually, sports such as cricket and hockey need to you play with a team and for a team. That’s when you understand to put aside your differences and work with everyone to reach the target. Sports persons can include this I other walks of life too and strengthen relations.
  • Physical fitness is one of the biggest reasons why people engage in any sport these days. It is believed that sports allow you to exercise and make time for a fun activity away from your tiring schedule of work.
  • Lastly, sports is bound to help you to develop an attitude of an achiever. This means that you inculcate a sense of going out there and getting the reward and award. This is very important in general life because if you have the personality of someone who is defeated, then you will never be able to win anything. You need to strive hard for success in life.

Now, considering the sport that we need to focus on. Golf is generally called the sport of gentlemen. Essentially, there is a golf kit and a golf cart needed to play golf. You can practice in the putting area before actually stepping foot on the golf course. Now, though it may look easy and nothing much from a distance, you must know that golf is not as easy as it seems from the outside. The main task at hand is to get the ball into the hold that is dug in the ground. It takes a lot of concentration to achieve that. However, it is true that there is less of physical activity. The golf cart drives around the course while ball boys run to get the distant balls and carry the golf kit. But then, isn’t sport also about a focused mind and not just sweating it out? Thus, golf is definitely a sport and must be considered so. Those who wish to engage in physical activity, have other games to go for. Also note that Tiger Woods is not a world champion for nothing. Golf is surely hard-work!

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Household Items that can be used instead of Gym Machines

Gymming is the new trend. Earlier, people used to flock to yoga sessions and yoga classes. But even after realising the benefits of yoga, a lot of people have now taken up gymming has an inevitable part of their lives. But, does everyone has the time to go to a gym each day? Definitely not! Life is getting busier with each passing day and everyone has deadlines to meet. In such a chaotic and tiring scenario, hitting the gym religiously seems a little too difficult. And, then come those who are rich and make their gym at home. They totally spend a bomb getting all the equipment at home and having their cosy home gym. Let’s face it, we do not fall in that category either.

Thus, what is the best thing to do then? Well, the key to success in such a situation is to find things at home that can be used in place of the gym equipment. Yes, it is totally possible! All you need to do is open your eyes and look around. Remember the good old days when not everyone spent so much or even went to any gym in the first place. That was when being natural was the mantra most people followed and simply used easily available items at home instead of gym machines.

Read ahead now to find out items at home that can be used instead of gym machines.

  1. Milk jars: You may not have thought but mill jars and cartons can actually be helpful to you in the sense of weights. You can lift them and try to make those biceps and triceps look just like that of a Greek God or Goddess. In fact, do not worry if you get the milk in packets. You can try to balance them on your head and then do your squats. This will help you to maintain your posture because if you bend too much, the packet is bound to fall and burst open. You wouldn’t want that at any cost. Besides, who’ll do all the cleaning then!
  2. Stairs: You can use your stairs at home for steps ups. In fact, try to run up and down all the stairs for ten times straight without stopping and you’ll know what breath is. Also, you may use your stairs to practice push ups.
  3. Cutlery: Each time you hold a spoon or fork, you must be wondering how light they are. But have you ever thought that what will happen if you make a bunch of them all and tie them together? Well, try it and you’ll get a really heavy answer. You may use this in place of dumbbells. You are bound to see it work wonders for you.
  4. Fruit and vegetable bags: Last but not the least, you can use your fruit and vegetable bags as weights. In fact, you can attach them (when full) at the two ends of a stick and then try to life them on your shoulders. Trust me, you’ll know what pain is.
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How To
Playboy Iconic Testosterone

Playboy Iconic Testosterone: Giving You the Boost You Need

The ‘Playboy’ name has been a trusted one in the adult entertainment industry since 1953. Now, Playboy has shifted gears to include the promotion of a sexual wellness initiative aimed at opening a dialogue on complex issues of male sexuality. To accompany that campaign is the Playboy Sexual Wellness line of products providing men with a little help in the sexual-wellness arena. Playboy Iconic Testosterone is one such product that provides men with a testosterone boost, improving their confidence, sex drive and functionality, and workout results. If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED), a loss of sex drive, or simply are not getting the results from your workouts that you used to, consider adding Playboy Iconic Testosterone supplement into your daily wellness routine.

How Playboy Iconic Testosterone Helps Men

Roughly 40 percent of men over the age of 40 suffer from bouts of ED, but most of those men will never admit to it; that means, they also won’t be getting the help they need. Once sex drive and functionality decrease, especially with age, often muscle tone decreases as well. All these things can lead to feelings of inadequacy and questioning of manliness. With the Playboy Iconic Testosterone supplement, levels of testosterone in the body increase, as do feelings of confidence, energy, and sexual prowess.

Playboy Iconic Testosterone Ingredients

Playboy Iconic Testosterone uses a unique formulation of vitamins, minerals, and the Playboy Testosterone Support blend to bring its users to iconic levels of sexuality and confidence. Vitamin D3 improves overall bone health while Vitamin B6 has numerous health and brain benefits. Zinc also has numerous health benefits, including preventing infertility.

Playboy Testosterone Support Blend

Playboy Iconic Testosterone derives most of its strength from their Playboy Testosterone Support blend which is a combination of vitamins, minerals, and natural ingredients that have been used for centuries throughout the world to improve the sexual wellness of men. The blend has been clinically studied and proven to produce harder and longer-lasting erections, improved sperm count, and elevated sex drive.

One of the primary ingredients in the Playboy Testosterone Support blend is the coveted Fenugreek extract. With 60-percent Fenugreek extract making up the blend, the supplement’s ability to boost the body’s levels of free testosterone has produced staggering results.

An additional primary ingredient in the blend is the 40-percent TribulusTerrestris extract known to increase blood flow to the genital area, producing harder and longer-lasting erections. Additional ingredients include D-Aspartic Acid, Ginseng powder, and Stinging Nettle extract. Together, these ingredients act synergistically to increase free testosterone levels, strength, energy, and virility in the bedroom.

Can Playboy Iconic Testosterone be Used with other Playboy Wellness Products?

The answer as to whether Playboy Iconic Testosterone can be used with other Playboy products is a resounding ‘yes’. Not only can they be used in conjunction, but studies have shown that combining the sexual wellness products result in an extensive sexual wellness makeover few would want to go without after experiencing. Playboy Iconic Testosterone, Playboy Sexual Booster, and Playboy Legendary Sexual Wellness all address various aspects of male sexuality. From testosterone levels, to increasing blood flow, and decreasing issues related to ED, these sexual wellness products are designed to synergize and combat problematic issues of male sexuality.

Where Can I Find Playboy Iconic Testosterone?

The Playboy Iconic Testosterone supplement, as well as other products in the Playboy Sexual Wellness line will soon be available in stores across the nation. In addition, these products will also be available with the launch of the official website.

If you are feeling ashamed of your performance in the bedroom, join the masses of men who have chosen to shed the shame and take control. With integrating Playboy Iconic Testosterone into your daily routine, you too can reach the iconic sexual status every man is destined for.

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Workplace injury

How To Avoid And Manage Workout Injuries

You go to the gym to get fitter and healthier but occasionally you will get injured for one reason or another. You can get injured regardless your experience or fitness level when working out. The best you can do is eliminate the risk of getting injured and managing your injury well to hasten the recovery process should you suffer one.

As a general health practice, anyone above the age of 45 should consult their doctor before picking up a workout regimen. This because there are physical changes that happens to the human body past that age that need to checked and an exercise regimen tailored to minimize the risk of injury or exacerbating underlying medical conditions.

Precautions to prevent injuries

That said, regardless of your age you need to take certain precautions to prevent the risk of injury during your workout.

Warm up

Your body needs to be sufficiently warmed up before you engage in any intense exercise. The purpose of warming up is to gradually elevate your heart rate in preparation for more tasking exercises and also stretch and warm your muscles so they don’t tear when they are put under physical exertion.

Proper form

You need to do your exercises with the correct form. You are better off lifting light weights with the right form than struggling with heavier ones with poor form and risking injury.

While doing any exercise, your spine should be aligned with the rest of your body and no joint should be hyper extend nor any muscle overstretched. If your goal is to improve your flexibility, then slowly ease into it and understand that your muscles will take weeks or even months to stretch as much you want them to do.


Your muscles grow when you are resting. You need to allow your muscles and body enough time to grow back and replenish your energy levels. Working out too much can lead to injuries because of tired muscles that can no longer keep up with the work you want them to do.

Alternate your exercises such that no single of group of muscles is worked out on two consecutive days and have at least one or two rest days every week.

Resting doesn’t mean that you sleep in all day. You can still do less intensive activities like walking and other hobbies like photography. Check Fpv Drone Reviews.

How to manage injuries

The way you respond to an injury can make it worse and start it off on the road to recovery. First you need to understand the type of injury you have sustained otherwise you run the risk of worsening it.

There are four classes of injuries: scratches and bruises, sprains, tears, and fractures. Confusing a fracture for a sprain can further compound the injury making it more difficult to handle.

Here’s how to manage your workout injuries.

Take a break

It understandable that you don’t want to lose the gains you have made thus far in your fitness journey but working out an injured muscle is counterproductive. You are not only putting yourself at a risk of a permanent deformation or disability but you also reducing the efficiency of your workout sessions when train in pain.

Depending on the severity of your injury, you can still remain active but take a break to allow your injury to completely heal.

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Tummy tuck

5 Exercises to Keep Tummy Tucked in

Food is eternal love. To indulge in food is bliss. But too much indulgence or unsupervised indulgence has its own effects. The overall one is weight gain and to be specific weight gain of the tummy. It’s easy to get a paunch when you eat a lot, be it healthy or unhealthy (then it is worse). It is not good for the health to have too big a tummy. There are several ways to prevent or reduce the tummy. Some of the very effective ones have been briefed about here.

1. Commando Plank

This is a 60 second sustaining exercise which is split into half. The first 30 seconds, you must stay in a high plank position with the feet apart by the width of your hip and with a tightened core. Ensure that you are keeping a neutral spine without any bends. For the next half a minute, slide to a forearm plank position where your spine is flat, forearms are on the ground, core is tightened. The last 15 seconds, switch from high to forearm plank without changing anything else.

2. The very famous Crunches

Place your feet on the ground firmly with knees bent whilst lying down flat. You can either clasp your hands behind your head or use two fingers each on either side of your forehead to concentrate on your pressure points. Get up, raising your body (only upper) which will squeeze your abdominal muscles. Try holding for 5 seconds when you are in the raised position. A minimum of 30 crunches will be very effective. Crunches help with fitness of lower, oblique and upper abdominal muscles.

3. Upward Back Bend

A double bonus of tucking your tummy in and of strengthening your back, this exercise should be performed with a ten second sustenance at the position. Lying on your tummy, lift your chest from the ground slowly while taking in deep breaths at patterned rhythms of ‘breathe in’ and ‘breathe out’. The palms have to be placed on the ground, shoulder width apart. You should bend your upper body backwards as much as you can while tightening your navel and core. Make sure your head tilts back as you bend backwards.

4. Leg Lifts

This exercise also works on the calf muscles of the legs. You must lie down on your back and lift your legs one by one and then together in a slow manner. Make sure your upper body and lower back is placed on the floor firmly and is not lifted up too and also that the knees are straight and don’t bend while the legs are being lifted. While bringing them down, pause at different angles and hold for a few seconds. Hands have to be placed palm down with a tightened core.

5. Side Plank Dips

This exercise has to be done on both sides of the body each with a 60 second hold up period. Let’s say, you are lying on your right side, rest your right elbow on the ground and left leg lying parallel on your right leg. Tighten and squeeze your core, raise yourself upwards on the side, (thrusting the opposite side upwards helps) and raise your left arm stretched out upwards simultaneously. Go back to resting position and repeat while also remembering to switch sides.

Start the routine. Get fit, feel fit and look fit!

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Alpha king

Alpha King Review: A Top-Tier Testosterone Booster

A Widespread Problem

As men age, they sometimes start to feel sluggish, lose muscle mass, and experience a less enjoyable bedroom experience. Many men are embarrassed by these symptoms (especially that last one), so they never bring it up with their doctor or friends.

The truth is that these symptoms can be caused by reduced testosterone levels, which is a completely normal occurrence. The good news is that supplements exist that are capable of improving your testosterone levels, restoring the energy, lean muscle mass, and sex drive you enjoyed as a younger man!

Unfortunately, a lot of the products currently on the market just don’t work as well as they should. I remember seeing dozens of late-night commercials for “Products X, Y, and Z” that said they were life-changing, but for people I knew who had tried them, they just didn’t work. Therefore, the product you choose is very important. One of the best is Alpha King, a powerful testosterone booster from the makers of some of my favorite workout supplements!

Alpha King Is Here to Help

Alpha King is a testosterone booster from a Boston-based manufacturer called Force Factor. Force Factor is known for some intense workout supplements and N.O. boosters so I knew that I could trust their products. Alpha King is formulated specifically to address common issues like reduced muscle mass, a low sex drive, and general performance issues. Solving these problems can help men feel worlds younger.

The Force Factor site says it all. Alpha King was founded with two words in mind: power and confidence, and it really delivers on both of those. When you pair it with resistance exercises, the proprietary fenugreek extract in the supplement works to boost free testosterone, to help amp up lean muscle gains. Since I’ve never been interested in really bulking up, the word lean was appealing to me. I felt as though my body looked more toned and trim which made looking in the mirror a lot more exciting.

Force Factor has a strong commitment to using ingredients that have been clinically shown to be safe and effective, allowing their customers to trust everything that goes into their body which is a major concern nowadays. Their expertise has been reinforced by numerous awards, including GNC’s Rising Star award shortly after founding the company in 2009.

What’s in the Bottle?

The efficacy of any supplement is determined by what is in it. Alpha King’s star player is AlphaFen, an extract from the fenugreek plant that has been used to improve the male libido for centuries. A different extract has long been the standard others are judged by, but AlphaFen appears to be even better.

The reason why is that AlphaFen is more “bioavailable” than the leading extract. That’s a big word, but it’s actually a simple concept. Imagine that you are putting a piece of furniture together. The leading extract provides directions that will eventually help you assemble the furniture successfully, but half of the words are in French, the pictures are poorly labelled, and you need to fold it up like origami to see page five. The process isn’t as smooth as it should be.

With AlphaFen, those instructions are much easier to read so you see results far more quickly.

You know how lots of supplements have weird doses that say stuff like “take three times a day with a glass of water but only after meals” and it gets confusing and hard to follow? Well, only one Alpha King capsule is required per day to get all of its benefits which is a massive plus, especially if you’re like me and are already taking plenty of other daily vitamins and pills.

Every team needs its share of role players to complement its All-Stars, and Alpha King has plenty. Black Maca is included to promote stamina. A compound called DIM has historically been used to help prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. The less of that estrogen you have, the more manly you’ll feel.

Finally, tribulusterrestris (that’s a mouthful!) is included to promote blood flow to your extremities. One such extremity is often used in the bedroom, where poor performance leads to humiliation while a stellar one ensures a satisfied partner. I’d say the benefits of Alpha King are pretty self-explanatory, right?

The Final Say

Overall, Alpha King is a powerful supplement formulated by a trusted company that should be taken by anybody struggling with low testosterone or general performance holdups. It gave me a massive confidence boost and I think it can do the same for anybody else in my position. It is available at GNC retail locations or online at A one month supply costs $69.99, an excellent price point considering the premium ingredients in every dose.

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Setapp icon

Setapp Review – One Store to Rule Them All

There are tons of new and unique apps individual users can download to Macs and iPads to increase productivity, accessibility, entertainment level, among so many other things. The downsides to downloading dozens of apps are the hefty monthly subscription fees that are sure to add up. This is where Setapp steps in.

Instead of paying fees to individual apps, Setapp offers a compilation of Mac apps for a single monthly subscription fee. Sounds too good to be true? Go on and read this review to find out whether Setapp could work for you:

How Setapp Works

The founders have based their idea on streaming services. With the onset of streaming platforms, movie watchers didn’t have to pay for individual DVDs. Instead, they pay one monthly fee to access tens of thousands of movies and TV shows from a single online platform.

Setapp working


Instead of movies or music tracks, Setapp makes various Mac apps available to individual users for a $9.99 monthly subscription fee. While it’s not as big as Netflix, currently there are over 100 apps Mac users can try. Imagine paying even a dollar each month to use each of these apps. The cost would be considerable. The single subscription model of Setapp is definitely a bargain in this light.


The Setapp suite is very intuitive, well organized, and all around easy to use. The suite includes three columns: the finder sidebar, the app listing column, and the preview column.

The finder sidebar has all the apps neatly categorized into groups such as Lifestyle, Productivity, Creativity, Task Management, and so on. Users can get access to all the apps or other apps available on the Mac quickly from the sidebar.

Once the user clicks on a category, another column lists all the apps available under that category. Right now, Setapp makes roughly 112 apps immediately available with desktop download. New apps are still being added, about 3 new per month, according to the company.

Third column makes a preview of a selected app available with the name, a screenshot or an image, and a short description. It’s very useful when looking for a new app. All the information is available in a single suite, which is extremely convenient for busy enterprise users.


The apps on Setapp are handpicked by the creators. That is to say, users can’t add or exclude apps they personally like. The suite is made available with more apps that anyone could ever really use, so this should not be a problem.

There are plenty of highly useful apps both individual and work users can benefit from. The suite includes several apps from the company behind Setapp, such as CleanMyMac. Other notable apps include Capto, Bartender, Gemini,SQLPro Studio, and even Ulysses. The collection is incredibly varied. The inclusion of popular apps like Ulysses, which can cost as much as $45 individually, is really impressive.

It’s also got a few personal finance apps like Chronicle, MoneyWiz and Home Inventory that can help you keep a track of your finances, receipts, bills etc. You can check all the apps offered by Setapp here.

It should be noted that all the apps in Setup are ad-free. There are no in-app advertisements or prompts for purchases. That distraction-free environment alone makes the subscription fee worthwhile.


It’s hard to find downsides to this service. However, do understand that this service makes financial sense only to those who need to use multiple apps on a monthly or daily basis. If you need to use only one or two cheap apps, then the $10 price tag may be overpaying.


Setapp is a fascinating tool that is near limitless in application and convenience. If you are in the habit of downloading numerous apps each year, the Setapp suite can save a fortune. Users may even be able to save money on some apps made available in the suite like SQLPro Studio, which are very expensive to use individually.

Overall, Setapp offers excellent functionality and a great opportunity to save money when working on projects. The suite keeps adding new apps, so the cost effectiveness of Setapp would only increase in the future. Currently, Setapp is available for a free 7-day trial run.

Click here to start yours and take it for a spin. If you don’t like it, you can always cancel.

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Push ups

Best Exercises for Triceps

Bigger arms do not only comprise of exercising biceps but an equal amount of workout is required for triceps. Building stronger arms needs rigorous workout with your triceps. Biceps contract when your arm is folded and the triceps gets relaxed, but generally triceps remains contracted when your arms are relaxing. Strengthening them not only gives a better outlook but also increases arm strength. Listing the best exercises for triceps that are easy to perform and are beneficial.

1. Bench Dips

Bench Dips targets Triceps and Shoulder muscles. To perform this exercise you need a bench or two chairs initially. The main motto of the exercise is to keep your body floating and perform the exercise.

Place the bench or a chair behind your back and another one in front of you. The distance between them should be the length of your legs. Place your legs on the top of the chair in front of you and hold a grip on the bench behind you.

Your legs should be extended and straight. Slowly lower down your body in the gap, until your elbows are bent and your forearms and upper arms are perpendiculars. Then lift yourself upwards back to the starting position. It is important that you don’t go beyond the perpendicular or 90 degrees.

Recommended performing 10-15 reps in 2 sets for beginners.

2. Diamond Push Ups

Diamond Push Ups is a variety of push up. It targets the Triceps, Deltoids and Pectoral Muscles.

To perform the exercise one must have the idea of the basic push up.

Start off with the general push-up position but place your hands closer than the shoulder length and form a diamond structure with your hands.

Maintaining this posture lower down your body keeping it straight. Your elbows should be parallel to the ground when you lower down. Keep your elbows to the side and slightly outward.

After getting down push yourself up all the way to the initial position with your arms fully extended. Be stable while pulling yourself and avoid any wrist rotation or shoulder movement.

For beginners start off with 10-12 reps in two sets.

3. Dead Stop Push Ups

This is a rare variety of push up and is highly efficient for Triceps, Pectoral muscles, and Deltoids.

To perform the exercise start off with the basic push up position, your legs should be together and hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Lower down your body all the way down until it drops down to the floor. Rest your body for 3-4 seconds with your hands not supporting your body.

Then lift your palms off the floor and give a pause and put them back on the floor.

After placing the arms down pull yourself up all the way to the initial position. Hold down the initial position for a few seconds and repeat.

That counts one rep. If you feel too comfortable lift your toes a little when you are in the dead drop position.

Repeat with 2 sets of 10-15 reps if you are a beginner.

4. Standing Dumbbell Triceps

This exercise is specially designed to develop the curves of triceps.

To perform the exercise start off with holding a dumbbell in both your hands. Keeping your shoulder apart, lift the dumbbell over your head with fully extending your hands. This is the initial position.

Hold the dumbbell and while keeping your upper arms close to your head. Slowly lower the dumbbell while bending your elbows. Try to perform the exercise until it reaches your biceps.

The major part and the vital exercise for the triceps lies when you pull up the dumbbell back to the initial position.

Keep your arms close to performing the workout perfectly.

Perform 10 reps with 2 sets if you are new to this exercise.

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How To

Best Exercises to Increase the Height

A person’s height is genetically determined. Due to release growth hormone during one’s childhood to youth when he reaches a particular height after which it gets deceased. Many are not satisfied with their height and opt for medicines and acupressure available in the market. Generally they have side effects to the body and can even lead to permanent damage. We have listed down some simple workouts which will enhance your height efficiently and are easy to perform. We provide the list of the best exercises to increase height with proper guidance to avoid any health problems.

1. Dry Land Swim/ Alternate Kick

To perform this exercise lay down flat on your stomach. Place your arms in front of you and palms facing the floor. Your legs should be straight and so should be your arms. Raise your right arm and raise your left leg up simultaneously. Hold the position for 15-20 seconds and repeat on the alternate hand and leg.

2. Bar Hanging

Generally, due to gravitational pull, the spine and joints squeeze the cartilages and gives you a shorter appearance. Hanging from a bar can give you just the right solution where you need to grab a bar, keep your hands straight and hand from the bar. Gravity pulls the body downwards and hence it increases your height. One needs to hold the position for at least 20 seconds for 3 sets to get better results.

3. Cobra

A simple yoga designed to stretch and increase the growth of your cartilage between the vertebrae. This stretching of spine increases your height. To perform the yoga lie down on the floor on your stomach with your hands on the side. Place your palm facing the floor and lift your torso from your waist. Remember to keep your legs steady and still. Hold the position for 20 seconds and get back to the initial position.

4. Forward Spine Stretch

This is another yoga which stretches your spine and also builds core strength. Sit on the floor with your legs extended and straight. Keep your arms close and

5. Two-Leg Raises

This is a rather easy exercise quite tough to perform. It increases one’s balance, stretches the spine and increases height. Lie down on the floor on your back. Keep your legs closed and straight. Then raise them up together from your waist. Try to raise them as high as possible with practice. Hold the position for 3-4 seconds and then slowly get back to the initial position. Repeat this exercise for 10 times with an interval of 5 seconds.

6. Skipping

General rope skipping can be fun and yet one of the best exercises to increase your height. You just need a rope, hold its respective ends and stand before the rope. Take the rope over your head and jump off it when it comes near your feet. That is one skip for you. Try performing 100 to 200 reps in one go. It increases stamina drastically and also stretches the cartilages squeezed between your vertebras.

7. Swimming

Swimming is one of the best exercises that benefit your body in all way possible. It is a full body work out, increases stamina, increases height, stretches the spine and also builds, muscles. Swimming for 5 days a week for an hour to two can efficiently increase your height. Along with swimming maintain a balanced diet. Swimming generally burns huge amounts of calories and sheds off the excess fat which if not regulated with a good diet can also affect your height.

These are the best exercises to increase your height which relaxes the compressed cartilages present in your vertebras and joints. Also, a proper diet is absolutely necessary. Try having protein diets along with less amount of fatty acid and oil consumption is recommended. Height is genetically affected and so any sudden increase will not prevail. Patience is the key to get the desired result. Adding 1-2 inch with hard work can be achieved.

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How To
Frizz free hair

How to get Frizz-Free Hair at Home

Don’t let a bad hair day ruin your day..!!

Who among us do not wish to have a strong healthy and lustrous looking hair? The effort it takes not only to stimulate hair growth but the love and care on the other hand that needs to be taken to nurture them is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some are blessed enough to not face such day to day hair problems but for the people living in frizz dilemma, keep reading..!!

What’s the root of hair problems?

To eradicate the problem from the root first we need to understand what causes your hair to frizz. Frizzing of hair is a condition that is an outcome of dehydration of the outermost cuticle of the hair resulting into dry and fragile hair texture in the process of gasping for moisture from the air. Since it is a condition there is definitely a remedy that can help you to fight off that cause.

Just with a couple of steps going wrong in your hair care regime can cost you a fortune. Very few among us know that it all starts with you hopping into the shower when your hair is in an extreme sensitive condition, i.e. WET..!!  It is always advisable to use lukewarm water for the initial washing of the hair to open up the hair folic in the scalp. Since it helps to absorb the shampoo and thus enables proper hair conditioning leaving the scalp clean. Once out of your shower instead of reaching out for your towel, grab some old t-shirt cloth to squeeze the excess water out instead of using the traditional towel fabric which tends to dry out hair.Using of wide tooth comb to detangle hair knots serves the best to avoid breakage. It is preferred to air dry your hair and give the blow-driers a rest until being the need of the hour.

Make the frizz go away!

Conditioning is the most crucial part in the hair care routine to keep the frizz at bay. With a whole new set of branded products making rounds in the market, each claiming to be better than the other, not everyone can afford to maintain a shelf of hair care products to serve the purpose. To come across such a situation, a homemade hair conditioning formula relieves the masses and keep them hoping against hope. A combination of natural ingredients that suits the best according to the hair type can be used to receive the desired result. Use of olive oil and egg helps in revival of the damaged hair. Since olive oil penetrates the hair shaft with fatty acids leaving hair full and healthy & tossing in egg with full packed proteins gives an enviable shine. A mixture of banana with honey and avocado is considered to work wonders on hair and is considered a well-known humectant.

Try some essential oils…

People find it time consuming to undergo through the process of hair mask treatment and so the essential oils are here to your rescue. All you have to do is dab dime size amount of the oil and apply it onto your damp hair strands, this leaves your hair slicker and smooth. Argan oil, almond oil, coconut oil are considered to be the most effective essential oils that help with the condition of hair frizzing. This remedy also acts as a blessing for those struggling to get rid of the smell caused due to egg and the other ingredients.

From my experience a mixture of coconut milk and a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice provides moisture to the hair and helps to get a straighten hair. Use of aloe Vera gel in combination with a carrier oil helps to form a protective layer in and around the cuticle which helps in retaining the moisture. It is recommended to use a home-made conditioner once in a week or once in two weeks.

Treating frizzy hair at home can get a little fussy at times but within stipulated period of usage with patience it can lead to drastic improvement in the hair texture and promoting hair growth. Above all it doesn’t cost a penny more than just using the correct elements that can be easily found around in our kitchen.

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